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Ad Venue Industry
Headhunter / Staffing
Agency Postings
Duration Cost per Posting Resume Search Resume Cost
Linked In No Yes* 30 days $195 per Posting Yes $1.00 Each
Monster No Yes* 60 Days $395 per Posting Yes $390 7 day Search
within 100 miles
Zip Recruiter No Yes* Monthly Subscription $249 per month (3 postings) Yes Limited to 25
Indeed No Yes* Monthly Subscription Unknown - Cost per click.
Based on package
Yes $1.00 each
PMA/Metal Form Job Site No Yes* 60 Days
Unlimited 1 - Year
Yes $25.00 Each Yes No 1 year Subscription
$750 Annual/$500 Renewal
$0.00 Unlimited Yes $0.00 Unlimited
Print Media No Yes* Weekly/Monthly Uneffective/Too Costly No

* Head Hunter and Staffing Agency Job Postings out number Direct Companies 3:1 is the most efficient and cost effective resource in the screw machiningindustry.

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