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Employee Number City State Field of Expertise Position Requested Other Will Relocate
E1095 Parma Ohio Set-Up Brown & Sharpe Training, tooling design, lay-outs secondary operations, repairs, fixtures Yes View
E1094 Novi Michigan Set-Up Acme Gridley Set up, repair, rebuild. Layout take offs tooling, fabrication Yes View
E1093 CRESTWOOD Illinois Set-Up Other Multi-Spindle tool design, daily scheduling of job duties for first and second shift. Sole programmer for Wickman 6-44 Yes View
E1092 Oakville Connecticut Set-Up Acme Gridley Set up and operate single and multi spindle screw machines No View
E1091 Decatur Alabama Set-Up Other Multi-Spindle Everything In Its Place, Everything Has a Place. Duties are Making Quality Parts for the Right Company. From sharpening to Changing out spindles, bearings, sleeves..Make the Machine Run 21yrs Experience of Running Multi-Spindles..Ready to See More Yes View
E1090 manitowoc Wisconsin Set-Up Acme Gridley Set up and operate New Britian and Acme automatics 6 and 8 spindle machines. Quality gauge and calibration knowledge. Cnc set up and programming. Yes View
E1089 tanner Alabama Set-Up Acme Gridley all with screw machine Yes View
E1088 Port St Lucie Florida Set-Up Euroturn Set up and operate Check parts Maintain machines Make production requirements Yes View
E1087 Berlin Connecticut Set-Up Davenport Setup/operation. Maintenance and repair. Overseen several operators and machines. Yes View
E1086 Wyoming Michigan Set-Up Davenport Would perform setups, maintenance, operation and would direct department to appropriate machines. Yes View
E1085 Bristol Indiana Management Acme Gridley Every aspect of screw machine workings Yes View
E1084 Westland Michigan Engineering Acme Gridley will fill out later. Yes View
E1083 Scottsbluff Nebraska Set-Up Acme Gridley Efficiently operate or setup multi-spindle screw machines, mostly for Hydraulic fittings. Yes View
E1082 SPENCER North Carolina Set-Up Acme Gridley set up one machine and ran another. When I was supervisor I ran multiple spindle departments, secondary and quality control No View
E1081 Lemay Missouri Set-Up Brown & Sharpe Set up operate repair teach. Job layouts and bidding. Tool and cam making. Make jigs and fixtures. Everything from sweep floors and spin chips to sign paychecks. Yes View
E1080 Bristol Connecticut Set-Up Brown & Sharpe Setup, troubleshooting, operating, layouts. Yes View
E1079 Peshtigo Wisconsin Operator Other Multi-Spindle Stock up machines check parts according to print, change tools when needed, and perform setups. Yes View
E1078 Aurora Indiana Operator Davenport Operate and maintain up to 4 Davenport's automatics. Sharpen all my tooling and maintain good quality and a high rate of production. Yes View
E1077 Menominee Michigan Operator Acme Gridley Stock up machine, perform part part checks and change tooling when needed. Perform preventative maintenance. Yes View
E1076 chicago Illinois Set-Up Brown & Sharpe Training program covered, precision measurement, blueprint reading , and shop math. Tool grinding inc, drills, box tools, T-blade cut offs, circular form tools, recess , etc. sharpened by hand. Yes View
E1075 Machesney Park Illinois Management Acme Gridley Trained Quality, Operators and Maintenance on equipment. Controlled Machine capacities, helped with scheduling to meet customers demands. Layout jobs and improved run time and setup efficiency. Yes View
E1074 churchville New York Set-Up Davenport set up davenport too layouts Yes View
E1073 ft worth Texas Set-Up Glidemeister set up and operate multi spindle mach's , inspect parts , routine maintenance Yes View
E1072 Sanford North Carolina Set-Up Hydromat Running machine to quality specifications to produce parts, using calipers and micrometers for precise observance. Change tools when they need to be changed. Performing setups when needed. Yes View
E1071 lindstrom Minnesota Set-Up Brown & Sharpe set up machines in a timely manner. I have retooled machines for faster cycle times. Yes View
E1070 Mukwonago Wisconsin Set-Up Acme Gridley Can layout and setup No View
E1069 pinion hills California Set-Up Other Multi-Spindle seting up jobs/ repairs /troubleshooting No View
E1068 Portland Oregon Set-Up Davenport All of them Yes View
E1067 North Hollywood California Operator Acme Gridley Ran AN, AS and MS Straight Fittings Yes View
E1066 Meriden Connecticut Set-Up Brown & Sharpe Set up cam driven screw machines. Run production on numerous machines. Resharpen and replace tooling as necessary. Such as drills, taps, form tools, cut off tools, recess tools ect. Repair machines as needed. No View
E1065 portland Oregon Set-Up Acme Gridley Deliver in spec parts and communicate any problems with process. Train new hires. Troubleshoot machines and processes with emphasis on efficiency. Yes View
E1064 Albemarle North Carolina Set-Up Acme Gridley Maintenance/train/setup/troubleshoot. Yes View
E1063 Torrington Connecticut Set-Up Escomatic Set-up, operate, and repair of Escomatic D2, D4, and D6 Yes View
E1062 Belleville Michigan Set-Up Acme Gridley worked with bar loaders and manual load machines. I’ve Put back together wrecked machines did some set up’s but mostly do a lot of training for nonexperienced new employees. Done some machine repair in many occasions. No View
E1061 Millville Utah Set-Up Other Multi-Spindle Program, edit, setup, operate, maintain, fix... Everything from start to finish. Yes View
E1060 Garwood New Jersey Set-Up Brown & Sharpe Set up operate and repair brown & sharp No View
E1059 Jackson Michigan Operator Acme Gridley Heavy lifting. Tool grinding. Cleaning area. Can read all measuring tools. Unloading semi trucks and steel carriers. Yes View
E1058 Huntsville Texas Set-Up Acme Gridley Change tooling, trouble shoot, repair, replace or repair parts, do various degree of set-up's, operate. Yes View
E1057 Cleveland Ohio Management Acme Gridley Setup and run acme- From 9/16 to 5 1/2 No View
E1056 Spring Grove Illinois Set-Up Brown & Sharpe From print to finished part. Set-up and operation of machines Sharpen and maintain tooling Build fixtures Maintain high quality standards ISO familiar. Yes View
E1055 Eastlake Ohio Set-Up Davenport Set up and run machines.strong troubleshoot ing and repair skills Yes View
E1054 Baroda Michigan Set-Up Acme Gridley My duties included operating ACME, brown and Sharpe, and Davenport. With ACME's I did all set ups as well as repairs of internal, external parts and tooling. Trained new operators in sharpening tooling and all preventative maintenance. Yes View
E1053 Cordova Tennessee Set-Up Davenport Setup and operate two automatic screw machines and run support equipment as necessary. Yes View
E1052 Menominee Michigan Set-Up Acme Gridley Set-up and run 2 or 3 machines, inspect parts, maintain tooling and machines, and general troubleshooting Yes View
E1051 Katy Texas Set-Up Davenport Maintenance , setup and operate No View
E1050 seymour Connecticut Set-Up Davenport setup Yes View
E1049 Julian North Carolina Set-Up Other Multi-Spindle Team leader of screwmachine department. Responsible for the programming, set up, and operation of machines in the department, as well as over seeing other employees. No View
E1048 Chickasha Oklahoma Set-Up Acme Gridley Performed change overs on acmes and ran production Yes View
E1047 Watauga Texas Set-Up Acme Gridley Set up , troubleshooting, making quality parts No View
E1046 Littlerock California Set-Up Brown & Sharpe B&S set up operator No View
E1045 Brighton Michigan Design/Layout Acme Gridley All from set up to Plant Manger. I also have extensive experience with Hydromat Rotary Transfer machines. No View
E1044 tucson Arizona Operator Citizen i can do anything from tool maintenance to setups to machine maintenance. i also have forklift experience as i receive material. i am an all around maintenance man. Yes View
E1043 Mansfield Ohio Set-Up Davenport All duties 22 yrs experience Yes View
E1042 Wayne Michigan Set-Up Davenport Operator, setup, and repair No View
E1041 bartlett Illinois Set-Up Schutte 30 years operator,set-up troubleshooting and training Yes View
E1040 Nevada Texas Set-Up New Britian Lead , set up , operate, maintance Yes View
E1039 FRASER Michigan Set-Up Acme Gridley Currently my duties include running production, setting up, troubleshooting, and helping out where needed. Also helping lunch a new project on a geildemeister 6 spindle cnc. Yes View
E1037 De Soto Kansas Set-Up Acme Gridley - Set Up, Operation, and Troubleshooting of Acme Gridley, Davenport, etc. No View
E1036 Grand haven Michigan Operator Hydromat Tool changing machine set up Yes View
E1035 Battle creek Michigan Set-Up Hydromat Set-up operate machines. Read blue prints and use mics-height indicators Etc. to measure parts. Yes View
E1034 Tulsa Oklahoma Set-Up Other Multi-Spindle QC, Set ups, Blueprints, Grind Tools Yes View
E1033 Jacksonville Florida Set-Up Davenport Setup and operations supervision training future candidates repairs Yes View
E1032 Twin Falls Idaho Design/Layout Other Multi-Spindle Responsible for design/layout for Acme and Davenports. Yes View
E1031 RIVERSIDE New Jersey Set-Up Davenport Responsible for layout of new jobs.Order tooling and supplies. Setting up and operate and davenport screw machines. Yes View
E1030 Painesville Ohio Set-Up Brown & Sharpe Machine maintenance, opened shop daily, bled compressors, Supervisor to other operators in Brown and Sharpe department in charge of quality control for this department. Foreman for 12 years. No View
E1029 Sun Valley Nevada Set-Up New Britian Trouble-Shooting, Training, Set-up, Tool Making, R&D, Blueprint Reading, First Article Inspection, Team Leader Yes View
E1028 Taylor Michigan Set-Up Brown & Sharpe Set-up, repair, and operation Yes View
E1027 KEY LARGO Florida Management Acme Gridley . Yes View
E1026 clayton North Carolina Set-Up Acme Gridley to set up an operate screw machine to make bearings, train an oversee other operators, No View
E1025 EASTPOINTE Michigan Operator Acme Gridley Running Quality Parts and repairing machines also Yes View
E1024 St Petersburg Florida Operator Davenport Daily operation,tool grinding or replacement.gears cams collets feeders. Change overs and set up. Yes View
E1023 Mooes Hill Indiana Management Acme Gridley manage, setup operate , layouts,quotes QA No View
E1022 South bend Indiana Set-Up Acme Gridley Have been foreman,leadman and setup operator . 43 years of experience with all aspects of the business Yes View
E1021 glendora California Set-Up Acme Gridley Tooling, setup, troubleshooting, design and hard work. Yes View
E1020 AKRON Ohio Management Acme Gridley Screw Machine "Jack" & Machine Tool Business Professional. Yes View
E1019 Sapupla Oklahoma Set-Up Acme Gridley CNC's Acmes New Britains,Wickmans Can handle any type of lead position Yes View
E1018 Tucson Arizona Set-Up Brown & Sharpe Setup, repair and opetate Brown and Sharpe Screw Machines , supervisor, schelduling, inspection, ISO Audits, lean experience, Im highly 5S driven. Yes View
E1017 San Dimas California Set-Up Davenport 21 years Yes View
E1016 Sterling Colorado Set-Up Acme Gridley Layout,design tools, setup Yes View
E1015 Corona California Set-Up Davenport Set up and maintenance. Yes View
E1014 Corning New York Set-Up Acme Gridley Setup and Operate Acmes Holding parts in print tolerance I have 30 years experience doing this Yes View
E1013 Derry New Hampshire Maintenance Davenport maintenance of machines and operations to meet supply and demand Yes View
E1012 Riverside California Set-Up Acme Gridley Lay-out,operate,trouble-shoot,repair,tool making for screw machines. No View
E1011 Prescott Arizona Set-Up Davenport Lineman. Repaired abd setup Davenport and operated several machines at once. Trained others for 34 yrs. Yes View
E1010 plymouth Indiana Set-Up Acme Gridley operated Acmes,cones. used threading, and many attachments No View
E1009 caney Kansas Set-Up Acme Gridley Set machines to desired blueprint through means of changing cams , gears and tooling. Trouble shoot and problem solve. As lead teach others how and what to look for . Yes View
E1008 Houston Texas Set-Up Acme Gridley Seting-up and operating the machines described above Yes View
E1007 rochester New York Set-Up Davenport set-up davenports from scratch ,and ran acmes and changed overs No View
E1005 Spokane Washington Set-Up Acme Gridley Set-up and operate Acme Screw machines Yes View
E1004 Fullerton California Set-Up Davenport Set-up and operate davenport screw machines - department lead Yes View
E6625 port clinton Ohio Design/Layout Acme Gridley ,set-up,troubleshooting, Training and operating. machine maintenance and repair. tool layout, machine layout and estimating,purchasing. oversee 26 multi spindle acme's all sizes. maintain all tooling. oversee up to 30 people Yes View
E5281 Burghill Ohio Management Acme Gridley Have held the following positions, Project Manager, Plant Superintendent, Operations Manager overseeing 8 - 65 employees over 1-3 shifts. Responsibilities included, streamlining all production processes, equipment procurement, personnel hiring, Yes View
E9169 Massillon Ohio Othersetup operater No View
E7936 Auburn Indiana Set-Up Acme Gridley setup, maintenance, instruct, operate, repair, trouble-shoot acme multi-spindle automatics. Also unloaded bar stock w/fork truck and overhead crane. Yes View
E9166 Blind Connecticut Design/Layout See above Yes View
E6910 Warwick Rhode Island Set-up Gildemeister Multi spindles, NB, Acme, Gildemeister and Brown & Sharpe. Also some CNC Swiss Lathes I have estimated jobs, Complete layouts design cams and tooling for the above. Yes View
E6520 Reagan Tennessee Set-up Davenport Have Been a Davenport Setup Operator for 10 years. Machine operator . set up . Part count, quality, effiency per hour. SPC checks. Tool Sharpening. Yes View
E9160 Blind Michigan Operator Acme Gridley Run Acme Gridley/sharpening tools Yes View
E9157 st.helen Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley 21 yrs. Acme set-up/operator, tool crib manager, line leader. Yes View
E9154 Gladstone Oregon Set-up Brown & Sharpe Setup and operate B&S 00 thru #3. Many styles. Job layout and cam fab. No View
E9091 Blind Florida Set-Up Davenport Setup/Operate multi-spindle Screw Machines, CNC VTL and Horizontal Lathes. Daily operations of Studying Blueprints, Dimensions of parts and permissible Tolerances, visualizing machining and thorough inspection. Yes View
E9151 madison Alabama Acme Set-up Acme Gridley I have over 25 years experience on acme-gridleys both 6 and 8 spindles with pick-offs Yes View
E5023 GILLETT Wisconsin Set-Up Acme Gridley Setup of several machines/operation. Able to read layouts and blueprints.Shop foreman responsible for production assignment. Yes View
E7939 Saltillo Tennessee Set-Up Other Multi-Spindle Leadman, Setup, operate, troouble shoot, and perform minor to major repairs. Including up to partial rebuilds. Works directly with engineering on new part layout, cycle time quotes, and tool design. Yes View
E9148 Spokane Washington Other Test Yes View
E8485 Pontiac Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Set up, repair, trouble shoot, lay outs, line leader,foreman,supervisor Yes View
E6886 Sheffield Lake Ohio Set-up Brown & Sharpe Schedule all personnel, order all repenishment tooling. Traing all personnel and do all administrative duties. To implement lean manufacturing through the department. Also able to program servo cams. Yes View
E9139 Galion Ohio Set-up Davenport Operate, set-up, maintaine and repair ASM Ordering parts and tooling No View
E9136 Kalamazoo Michigan Design/Layout Acme Gridley New part launches, layout, tooling, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, and set-up of Tornos, Davenport, Acme, and Gildemeister automatic screw machines. Yes View
E9133 Evansville Indiana Set-up Brown & Sharpe Set-up and operation of all single spindle B&S listed above. 3 years management of servocam screw machine department. No View
E8833 Reno Nevada Set-Up Brown & Sharpe I have thirty plus years of experience in Layout, set-up, and operation of Brown & Sharpe. Yes View
E5662 Pell Lake Wisconsin Set-Up Davenport Troubleshoot, train future operators, tooling when needed, repairs, operate 3-7 Davenports, layouts and adjustments, leadman at previous place of employment of 20 screw machines, etc Yes View
E9124 Tucson None Set-up Acme Gridley set up of acmes from layout to finish. management for quality,production scheduling and shipping.process control. Yes View
E9121 NEW PHILA Ohio Design/Layout Acme Gridley I received a certification in CAD using AutoCAD, AutoCAD 3D, AutoCAD Architecture, Solid Works, Pro-E and Autodesk Inventor. Screw Machine setup and operator and able to layout jobs repair screw machines. Yes View
E9118 Lexington Kentucky Operator Acme Gridley Operate and maintain tooling, do change over with cams and gears and tools, can do set ups but need more practice Yes View
E9115 Blind North Carolina Management Hydromat Set-up and tool changes, department lead, Supervisor, Trouble shooting , rebuild of valves and heads etc Yes View
E9106 TWIN LAKES Wisconsin Set-Up Brown & Sharpe " Install and adjust cams, gears and stops to the screw machine and verify the positioning of cutting tools by using gauges and/or other instruments. " Write programs for all servo machines. " Stock and load the screw machine, keeping it filled wit Yes View
E9094 Carson Cty Nevada Set-up New Britain Troubleshooter/Set-up Set-up/operator Manual machining production runs, one off, some tool-making (Current) Yes View
E6793 Winter Haven Florida Set-Up Davenport Setup,repair and troubleshoot automatic screw machines. 40 Years Experience on Davenport Machines, can also work on Acme,Schutte,Euroturn,Wickman. Yes View
E460 Port Huron Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Screw machine setup and repair, assist operators and set up personel, train new employees, line service, line leader and shift supervisor for the last 7 years. Maintain production standards for the shift. Report directly to dept. manager. Yes View
E9082 Green Cove Springs Florida Set-Up Davenport Machine quality parts to customers tolerance and specifications. Yes View
E9076 Blind Colorado Set-up Citizen Supervise CNC Swiss Screw Machine Dept. and Gaging/Precision Grinding Dept., Program all CNC Swiss Screw Machine Products for our Company. Create Written Instructions, Train Operators, Maintenance Machinery. Yes View
E9073 Michigan City Indiana Set-Up Acme Gridley Set-up and operation of 6/8 spindle Acme and Wickman Screw Machines. Last 2.5 years setting up and operating Hydromats. Yes View
E9070 Hanover Pennsylvania Design/Layout Davenport Operate, set-up, maintain multi-spindle automatics. Quote, layout, process development, tool design. AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Space Claim design software. ERP and MRP software. Microsoft office. Yes View
E9067 Blind Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley everything from management, set-up, estimating, repair, rebuilding acmes,davenports, and b&s. Have experience on cone, new brits, and CNCs Yes View
E5773 Blind Illinois Set-Up New Britian Work from layout to prepair machine for cams,gears,collets and proper tooling. Yes View
E9055 Fayetteville North Carolina Maintenance Acme Gridley I am responsible for Preventive maintenance on the machines along with repairing and mechanically troubleshooting all machinery including Acme screw machines, standard stock reels and Cucci loaders. We also have a chip spinning system. I orde No View
E7642 Oxford Wisconsin Set-up Brown & Sharpe Rebuild Brown and Sharpe screw machine, train customers and new hires on use, and set-up of the equipment. automated machines to produce secondary operations. Managing daily operations of machine rebuilding facility and screw machine job shops. Yes View
E6085 lenexa Kansas Set-up Davenport set-up & operate davenport machine 20+yrs.exper. repairs ,inner & outer spindles,replace shafts,including center drive,star,repair threading attachment,etc. good working knowledge of davenport mach. Yes View
E6955 clackamas Oregon Set-Up Brown & Sharpe setup/operate B&S screw machines also worked as a backup inspector gdt/spc Yes View
E5755 West Reading Pennsylvania Set-up New Britain Setting up 2 5/8" acmes from start to finish. Also fixing issues with machines that occur. Set-up and ran new britains and davenports. Very self efficient. In recent year have been running Haas CNC machine. Working with lead free brass. Yes View
E8998 Houston Texas Set-up Acme Gridley Expert with hands-on experience in blueprint interpretation and accurate machine set up. Full command over machine operations, quality control and inspecting first run and sample work piece to ensure machining conforms to specifications. Yes View
E8074 Geneva Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley Maintain and trouble shoot two acme 1 1/4 bar machines Yes View
E9046 Blind Indiana Set-up Citizen setup,operation,gen. maint. of cnc swiss screw machines No View
E9043 pinion hills California Set-Up Other Multi-Spindle set up/repair/layouts No View
E9040 Madison Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley Ability to assist and instruct others in machine set-ups and operating techniques. Experienced with troubleshooting and machine maintenance. Yes View
E8947 Lansing Michigan Set-Up Acme Gridley Forman ,leader ,Set-up , machine repair, maintenance, trouble shoot machines , process evaluation . Operator trainer . Updated layout , cams ,tooling and production of several machines . No View
E9037 Blind Ohio Management Acme Gridley have supervisor exp.lead person, employee training, worked in group(cell poocess) team my 30's was nite supervisor over all departments Yes View
E7213 derry New Hampshire Set-Up Davenport operation of machine use of several additional attaments & complete teardown of machine to the bare casting have done several rebuilds Yes View
E9031 Chicago Illinois Set-up Brown & Sharpe Set-ups on B&S #2 Ultramatic and 00 Ultramatic, grind all tools for machine: drills, cutoffs, circular form tools, box tool, recess tool using bench and surface grinders Yes View
E9028 Randleman North Carlolina Set-up Wickman Set up and maintain Wickman multispindle CNC screw machines. Yes View
E9025 Marine City Michigan Set-up Davenport Davenport leader set up, troubleshoot, repair,operate,tool maintenance, lay out. No View
E9022 Mabscott West Virginia Set-up Davenport Quote,layout,order tooling,set up,trouble shoot,repair,rebuild. Yes View
E8767 rochester New Hampshire Design/Layout 35 years of job shop experience.accomplished machinist. strong electrical and mechanical background.tool design and layouts using cad.strong background in secondary machine design. for completion of product requiring lengthy cycle times on multies. Yes View
E9016 rosamond California Set-up Wickman Setup and operate machines change and sharpen tooling inspect my parts use comparitors, and oasis inspection equipment. General house cleaning Yes View
E6190 Apache Junction Arizona Design/Layout Brown & Sharpe Dear Sir/Madam have worked as a set up man for 30+ years on All cam and gear machines. Acme Brown & Sharpe traub, davenport B, index , Swiss-sliding head stock screw machines & swiss CNC G & M code ISO certified 9000. 30 + Years exp as a machinis Yes View
E9007 Coleman Wisconsin Set-up Acme Gridley set-up and operate acme and wickman screw machines Yes View
E9001 Canton Michigan Design/Layout Acme Gridley I estimate a new job, machine layout for all processes, lead in quality team for inspections layout, PFMEA, control plan. I have a lot of knowledge of GD&T. Also, I do tooling and fixture design, problem solving, APQP, I setup EDI for new trading No View
E8995 Blind Indiana Set-up Acme Gridley Led Teams in the set-up and operation of Acme-Gridley Bar Loaders., to include performance reviews, evaluations and daily meetings with Management staff. Yes View
E8992 rockford Illinois Set-up Acme Gridley Duties include setting up and operating Acme-Gridley 6 & 8 spindle screw machines No View
E8989 Eagle Pass Texas Set-up Davenport setup Acme,Davenport, Buffoliy trunnion hydromat trunnion type. Cone, cone 4 high Yes View
E8983 battle mountain Nevada Set-up Acme Gridley Set up and operate, sharpen tools, drills, train other operators. Yes View
E8977 Racine Wisconsin Maintenance Acme Gridley I run 3-4 acmes at the same time. maintain oil levels. keep tooling sharp without an amount of excessive wear. check parts making sure tolerances are to spec on prints. make adjustments if needed. i also can setup jobs to print and repair amces Yes View
E8974 Blind Michigan Set-up Davenport daily maintenance, production, and set up. Also, experience with training of new employees. Yes View
E8971 San Ysidro California Maintenance Acme Gridley Set-up and operate Acme-gridley screw machine to produce high quality engine internal parts. sometimes repair the machine and change out old worn parts. Yes View
E4759 Blind Tennessee Set-up Acme Gridley Set up and operate Acmes,Euroturns,and New Britains. Have also done some machine repair, can also do layouts and some toolmaking. I have also operated and done some setups on Davenports,Brown&Sharpe ,Conomatics and Wickmans and Warner and Yes View
E1024 Blind Florida Management Davenport Managed mechanical reliability, troubleshoot mechanical failures, schedule repairs/maintenance and document data. 25 + years experience with Acme and Davenport Screw Machines. 7 years with CNC & manual machines. Positions held include; Manager, Yes View
E8965 elba New York Operator Davenport RODNEY LEE HARMON JR. 19 church Street Elba New York 14058 585-297-4130 Objective Seeking a position as a Davenport Machinist Summary A dependable machining seeking a challenging employment position that will utilize my m Yes View
E5950 Morley Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Change collets,cams,gears,set tooling to complete set ups following layouts and all quality specs.Alsso shift supervisor Yes View
E8962 dallas Georgia Set-up Acme Gridley Setup and maintain acme screw machines have all tools and Gage's. Yes View
E8956 seguin Texas Operator Acme Gridley set up brown sharpe machines and operate acme gridley machines No View
E8959 Jackson Michigan Operator Acme Gridley I have ran cnc's, set up and run multi spindle chuckers and screw machines. Do maintenance work (fixing and fabricating parts for multiple items in the shop). Maintain company vehicles. Fabricate multiple items for machines, single roll suppo Yes View
E5218 york Pennsylvania Set-up Acme Gridley Responsible for operating two multi spindle screw machines,also set-up,acme,shutte screw machines. Conducting S.P.C charting which includes using various measuring devices such as: O.D and I.D. micrometers,calipers,ect.Also troubleshooting machine an Yes View
E142 SeaTac Washington Operator Citizen Write programs for Star Swiss KJR-16 Yasnac LX3B control and Omniturns. Star KNC 32 Set up Brown & Sharpe single spindles Set up Davenport machines Yes View
E8161 new kensigton Pennsylvania Set-up Hydromat Have hydromat rebuild experience also was a quality auditor 3 1/2 years. i have 25 years in the screw machine business. have a industrial electricity 1 and 2 and spc statistics training certificatex Yes View
E8944 litha Florida Operator Citizen swiss set up some edits open to 1st and 2nd Yes View
E6286 Rochester New York Engineering Davenport I am currently a Engineering & Quality Manager with full responsibilites of both departments, also all quoting for Swiss, Esco, Tornos, Davenports and Acme machines. Yes View
E8941 San Bernardino California Set-up Acme Gridley Set up, operator. No View
E8938 Blind Texas Set-up Acme Gridley Yes View
E8932 Blind Indiana Set-up Acme Gridley Set up machine maintanence some layout and tooling design and operate. Yes View
E8929 Sapulpa Oklahoma Management Davenport 5,s set-up reduction value stream mapping Yes View
E8926 magnolia New Jersey Set-up Wickman Yes View
E8827 AMARILLO Texas Operator Davenport Set-up, Operation, and Machine repair of Davenport and Conomatics. Set up and operation of Brown & Sharpe and Euroturn. Operation of Acmes, Wickmans, Warner Swayzy Yes View
E8920 Eastlake Ohio Operator Acme Gridley All tool changes and adjustments required to run job. Worked with close tolerances, SPC, worked with all kinds of gauges for checking parts. No View
E8911 Sandwich Il Illinois Management Acme Gridley I ran acmes for 23 years then moved up to production manager. No View
E8917 Westlake Ohio Set-up Hydromat Set-up, operation and repair all generation of Hydromat Machines. No View
E8914 Blind Illinois Operator Davenport At least 3 years of hands-on experience with operating and set-up on Davenport machines. Strong knowledge of and experience performing setups including selection of speeds and feeds and making machine adjustments and corrections. Ability to verify pa Yes View
E8908 Fallon Nevada Design/Layout Brown & Sharpe Can do it all, layout, estimating, cam making, 43 yrs in the bus, can and will train, need a job Yes View
E8902 River Rouge Michigan Operator Acme Gridley operating machine adjustments keep area clean check parts callipers mics Shadow Graph indcators ect Yes View
E7354 Yonkers New York Management Davenport Machine Shop Department Manager. Supervise workers engaged in layout and machine operating to fabricate metallic work pieces; Apply knowledge of layout, product design, machine functions, capacities and output potential for production. Yes View
E8872 phoenix Arizona Set-up Acme Gridley setup acmes,1" to 2 5/8 6and 8 spindle operate,train,lead,operate davenport,some hydromat,tool grinding machine repair of 24 station ami assembly machines Yes View
E8350 glide Oregon Set-Up Davenport Foreman, Job layout (davenport,B&S,CNC), make tooling as needed,train operator's tool sharpening & set-up, rebuilding davenports, programming CNC. Yes View
E8890 Mount Prospect Illinois Design/Layout New Britian All Yes View
E7069 Blind California Set-up Davenport 30+ years in the screw machine business. Extensive set-up experience on different machines. I have owned my own job shop for ten years and understand quality and efficiency. Yes View
E8881 Bell Gardens California Set-up Davenport I am able to setup Davenport and Acme Multi- Spindle screw machines No View
E8143 Lexington North Carlolina Set-up Davenport Operate,set-up,all phases of trouble shooting and maintenance. Yes View
E8878 Warren Michigan Grinding Other Single Spindle Grinding products to final specifications, assembly of products, and packaging for shipment to customers No View
E8875 Brunswick Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley Set up and operate acme gridley 1" to 2 5/8" perform machine repair and maintenance set up and operate 6 25mm euroturn Yes View
E2557 stover Missouri Set-up Davenport Setup/operate Davenport multi spindle screw machines lead setup person in a shop with 16 machines keep spc record maintain employee attendance reports assist tool room attendant with setting up job pans and tool sharpening ect Yes View
E6703 south solon Ohio Set-up Davenport third shift plant supervisor- Working supervisor responsible for keeping all departments up and running and in charge of all daily operating procedures. While running production completing setups and training operators set up and operate Yes View
E8863 Tucson Arizona Set-up Acme Gridley complete set up from blue print to completion of order. Yes View
E8860 Taylor Michigan Management Davenport Vast experience covering all aspects of the screw machine industry. No View
E8353 Blind California Programmer Citizen Building solids(Solidworks), extracting tool path, programming, setup lights out, Q.C. Yes View
E8854 Livonia Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley set up repair trouble shoot Yes View
E8851 Blind Maryland Operator Acme Gridley Setup, maintain, operate, troubleshoot Acme multiple spindle machines. Proficiency in 1-1/4 to 2-5/8 6 and 8 spindle machines Yes View
E4651 Waterford Michigan Management Acme Gridley Complete set-up of acme machines. Thread Roll, Id&Od. threading,Some machine repair, complete rebuild. Review layouts for possible addition or elimination of tools so as to make the machining operation more efficient. Run to in plant quality Yes View
E7987 Middleport New York Set-up Brown & Sharpe Set up , operate , repair and maintain Brown & Sharpe Screw Machines ( Main responsibilities ) Also set up and operated Davenport , Acme Gridley and Conomatic Screw Machines as needed . Did basic Brown and Sharpe Cam Pick up and or job written layout Yes View
E8848 Hicksville Ohio Maintenance Acme Gridley everthing No View
E8845 Mesa Arizona Set-up Citizen Set up cams and CNC. Work from prints. Extensive Cam experience in all phases from tooling to using all shop equipment. Can set up and operate CNC Swiss. Read programs, edit, set up. Using inserts or carbide tools. Yes View
E8842 St joe Indiana Set-up Acme Gridley Yes View
E8824 St.Cloud Florida Set-up Brown & Sharpe Brown & Sharpe Engineer, 40 years plus job shop experience, cam & tool design, machine maintenance, secondary hoppers, close tolerance work on all materials. Yes View
E8839 milwaukee Wisconsin Operator Brown & Sharpe set-up & operate No View
E5872 Clearwater Florida Set-Up Euroturn Operate and set up Euro turn multi spindle. Operate, set-up and maintain Conomatic and Acme Gridley multi-spindle screw machines. I operate a CNC Lathe with Fanuc controls as a secondary operation. I make parts with inside and outside threads.I w Yes View
E8836 Royston Georgia Set-up Acme Gridley Responsible for machine changeovers and training of new operators. Troubleshooting pneumatics, encoders, mac valves, relays, slides, spindles and other functions of machine. Sharpen high speed tooling as needed. Rebuilding machines. Maintain, trouble Yes View
E8830 Blind Colorado Management Acme Gridley Production Management Engineering department, programming, setup assignment. Yes View
E2872 Garden Grove California Set-up Davenport set-up and operate Davenport, and various attachments Yes View
E3883 Painesville Ohio Set-up Davenport I've been a department supervisor and responsible for ordering all dept. needs, meeting with Reps. from various companies, gaging changes, maintenance scheduling, trouble shooting,lay-out improvements. Everything but initial layout and production Yes View
E5728 dearborn Michigan Management Acme Gridley Set up Acme Gridley from start to first pc. inspection New Britian Conomatic, also have some swiss exp.,traub, strohm Currently working as Plant Mgr. No View
E8821 Elkhart Indiana Set-Up Acme Gridley Ran day to day operations, supervised and trained potential operators. Ordered tooling, made tooling when necessary, Increased productivity by organized tool room. increased cycle times , implemented Job layouts and kept up on cleanliness. Yes View
E8818 ROCHESTER New York Operator Davenport I have done some set up and operate of Browne and Sharp. Iv run and set up Davenport and am currently running Acmes. I have about 27 years all together. Yes View
E8815 Glendale Arizona Set-up Citizen CNC Deco Set up and operate, tooling fabrication, and first article inspection. No View
E7012 Jackson Michigan Acme Set-up lead man in a machine shop keeping 22 automatic screwmachines running precision parts.Trouble shooting and rebuilding and machinery Yes View
E8803 Wellington Ohio Design/Layout Acme Gridley I am currently an Engineering Manager, Tool Room Manager and Tool Crib Manager. Yes View
E6898 Manheim Pennsylvania Set-up Davenport Set-up and run quality parts. I have 35 yrs. of setting-up and operating davenport screw machines. I can also trouble-shoot and repair them. No View
E8797 kingwood Texas Set-up Acme Gridley set-up, operations, layouts, quote, Yes View
E8476 Blind Florida Set-up Acme Gridley To set-up one machine & operate a second screw machines daily while maintaining all tolerances,troubleshoot tooling change,computer S.P.C. reports,use all shop machines as lathes, mills, grinder, drill press, vertical & horizonal mills as a M Yes View
E8794 Idabel Oklahoma Set-up Acme Gridley Set up and operate screw machines Wickman and Acme gridleys 20 years. Previous I was a lathe man. Short and long run production , from small parts to drill stem for the oil field. Yes View
E8791 Taylor Michigan Design/Layout Davenport estimating/layout/repair/oper./training/supervision Yes View
E8782 Gloucestet Virginia Maintenance Davenport Preventative Maintenance, set up, change over, change main , auxilliary, and cross-slide cams and setting proper stop pressure. Troubleshoot tooling and machine problems. Yes View
E8776 Carnesville Georgia New Britain Operator New Britain Acme RA-6 1" & 1.25" operator / set-up New Britain model 52, 62 & 60 operator / set-up Yes View
E6025 Canton Michigan Set-up Davenport Running, maintaining, and setting up Davenports. Yes View
E8758 elba New York Set-up Davenport Operate and maintain davenports.set up . Grind tooling .check diminsions to print. Yes View
E8755 Blind Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley Currently a lead man of the Acme Department (13 years) that include a multiple of duties; supervising 20 employees, working with schedulers,ordering tooling and others supplies, working on layouts and tool design and many other duties. Yes View
E5380 Shillington Pennsylvania Set-up Acme Gridley Have worked on Screw Machines for ove 30 years. Do complete setups, layouts. Design tooling, tool holders. AutoCad. Train pepole. Yes View
E8749 Seatac Washington Set-up Brown & Sharpe Duties Included; Running two or three machines producing parts to drawing specifications. working with Q.A. for fist part buy offs. Holding close Tollerance parts, some as small as +/- .0002 but a lot were +/-.0005,or +/-.010. Including radius and T Yes View
E8737 San Jose California Programmer program, plan, engineer, quote, lay-out,set-up, NPI work, proto, short run, medium & high production work on lathes, mill-turn, Swiss, Swiss CNC, cam controlled single spindle and multi-spindle screw machines Yes View
E8734 Dixon Illinois Design/Layout Davenport Estimating jobs setup, repair , planning with MRP, rebuilding of Acme Gridleys, training, also setup and repair on B&S, Davenport Wickman, Conomatic, and competitive Layouts, and may additional things can be listed upon request Yes View
E8722 Corning New York Set-Up Acme Gridley Operate Acme gridleys as well as set them up also have euroturn operating and VMC operating Yes View
E4327 Spring Grove Illinois Set-up Brown & Sharpe turn, knurled, threaded, drilled, tapped parts of all kinds. Cut off and drop part to print. Yes View
E5377 new castle Pennsylvania Set-up Brown & Sharpe setup and operated brown &sharpe ultramatics "00,0t,#2" servo-cam brown and sharp programmed servo-cams Yes View
E8704 Foley Alabama Set-up Traub last 9 years ship yard in side machinist, job shop type work. Yes View
E6553 Galion Ohio Set-up Davenport setup,maintence,rebuild Davenports. training employees,workin closly with quality contol doing inspection. have done maintence on New Britians,Brown&Sharpe,Acme.Can also do setup on all the above.Was a working shop forman in Texas doing all the above Yes View
E8698 three rivers Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley set-up repair trouble shoot training operator into set- up Yes View
E8695 Cordova Tennessee Set-Up Brown & Sharpe I have the ability to setup and or operate any type of Brown & Sharpe screw machines and have operated wickman and new britain multis Yes View
E8692 Streamwood Illinois Programmer Hydromat Set up Program Layouts Production Yes View
E8689 Blind Massachusetts Management Hydromat 20 years on multi spindle machines. Setup and Department Leads, Supervisor, tooling purchase, tooling design enhancement, process engineering through tooling acquisition and design, scheduling, forecasting, technical assist, teaching. Yes View
E6232 osseo Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley set up and opperate 6-8spindle acmes 9/ 16"to3 1/2,machine maintence,spc charting,,first piece acceptance threading "winter & detroit"rolls.tapping.change speed and feed gearing.involved in alot of total rebuilding and replacement of worn Yes View
E8686 Fort Wayne Indiana Operator Acme Gridley Stock run and check parts off Acme Gridley 6 spindle and 8 spindle machines maintain set-up and grind own tooling,make adjustments to get parts back to center or to size by print. Yes View
E8665 Chicago Illinois Set-up Brown & Sharpe Brown & Sharpe Set-Up: Proficiency with gears, cams, dogs, collets, feed tubes, feed fingers; sharpened, mounted and set cutoffs, circular form tools, box tools, drills, made recess tools, cleaned and repaired die heads. Also ran lathes, mills and bo Yes View
E8662 BATTLE CREEK Michigan Set-up New Britain machine repair new britain,acme,davenport, Yes View
E8647 Canton Georgia Set-up Acme Gridley Set up and operation of multi-spindle Acme Gridley Screw Machines Yes View
E7393 Windsor Connecticut Set-up New Britian set-up and operate,grind tools,basic machine repairs and maintinece. Yes View
E8644 Tulsa Oklahoma Set-up Brown & Sharpe Set-up&operate b&s grind tooling read blueprint trouble shoot some maintence/repair job shops. Minor setup.operate maintence/repair acmes. .operating minor setup maintenence davenport Yes View
E8629 Molalla Oregon Set-up Acme Gridley Lead of ACME department for current employer. Responsible for training, layouts of new jobs, set-ups, maintenance, and production on two machines. No View
E7990 Blind Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley set-up & run, trouble shoot,modify tooling & processes,train others to run/set-up.As a Leadman I also assigned personel to meet production demands,evaluated/reviewed personel,made quality decisions,and did whtever else was necessary to meet our No View
E4699 Davison Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Changing cams / gears /tapping units/ replaceing berrings and races/problem solveing cycle times/ and training others. Yes View
E3568 North Aurora Illinois Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up Operator/Trainer/Leadman,Supervisor for 5yrs .Have knowlege of cost reduction and Team cooperation.I am a person who will get the job done.I was a Safety corinator with over 20 employees.Very organized.I am currently Running cnc swiss Yes View
E8377 Blind Oklahoma Management New Britain Not much I haven't done on a screw machine, if I have a weakness it would be not a lot of experience on pick-offs. 35+ years in the screw machine industry, set up operate train, major repair, leadman and supervisor Yes View
E8593 Pottstown Pennsylvania Operator Citizen Set up & operate Star swiss screw machines Yes View
E2920 Statesville North Carolina Design/Layout Acme Gridley Set-up and repair Acme gridley's. Supervise, evaluate and train employees in Apprenticeship program.Do complete layouts. Cams gears etc. Make tools for other personnel as needed. Trouble machine problems for other employees. Yes View
E8590 Hodges South Carolina Design/Layout Acme Gridley Do job layout and design tooling. Train operators and rebuild when necessary. Yes View
E5860 Hartland Wisconsin Set-up Davenport Set-up, Repair, Rebuild Davenport O/S screw machines. (bar & chuckers) Supervise chucker & bar machine department, order machine parts, calculate speeds & feeds of new products. Make machine parts from scratch use mills, drill presses, lathes, etc. Yes View
E8584 mayer Arizona Quality Brown & Sharpe Quality Assurance Manager ISO 9000/9008 AWS, SPC, ASTM , U.S security clearance military. General manager foreman ,lead man, master machinist,brown & sharp set screw machines setting cams Sharpen tools,experience in fastener manufacturing Setting Yes View
E8581 meriden Connecticut Davenport Operator Davenport davenport oper,run 3 davenports Yes View
E8254 Holly Michigan Operator Acme Gridley Machine maintance: lube oil, remove chips from oil reservoir, all machine adjustment, spc, setups Yes View
E8578 charlotte Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley operation and setup of 6 and 8 spindle acmes. change cams and gears. collets and pushers. align tooling in position per layout and blue print No View
E8572 Rockford Illinois Set-up Acme Gridley Setup-team-lead, trouble shoot make sure tooling is available, check part's to print, train, promote a team atmosphere Yes View
E8575 Cypress Texas Operator Swiss/Tornos Yes View
E8560 Elkhart Indiana Set-up Acme Gridley Operated of Acme 2, 25/8, 3, 31/2 inch machines most experience with. Have done setup also on these machines. Grind, set, make adjustments, and minor repair on Acme machines Yes View
E8518 JACKSON Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley ACME SET UP /OP/REPAIR Yes View
E8548 Blind New York Management Davenport Operator and setup for 5 years. Night shift foreman for 5 years. Currently a cell leader supervising for the past 5 years. Duties include troubleshooting, set-up and operating when needed. Also responsible for reporting daily production mater Yes View
E8515 Blind Wisconsin Set-up Davenport Set up and operate single multi spindle screw machines No View
E8536 Blind Illinois Set-up Hydromat No View
E8539 Waterbury Connecticut Programmer Operate and setup machines; field service engineer, install, troubleshoot and training; program Citizen CNC; quality supervisor familiar w/ISO and QS quality systems; 6 Sigma and LEAN training. Yes View
E8527 MAybee Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Operate, setup, Some machine repair of 7/16- 31/2 acme screw machines plus Harding and tsunami cnc lathes Yes View
E8530 Yorkville Illinois Set-up Acme Gridley Lead, set up and operate Acme Set-up, Gildemeister, Brown & Sharp, toolroom machining, secondary operations, and machine maintenance. No View
E8521 rochester New Hampshire Set-up Hydromat lead machinest ,set up ,and operate Yes View
E8512 aurora Indiana Set-up Acme Gridley i was responsible for maintaining 3 6 spindle acmes that were 1 1/4 inch in size most of the time. mild set-ups (change overs) Yes View
E8506 medina Ohio Management Swiss/Tornos Have experience as an supervisor. What responsible for production, scheduling, repairing, adjustment on the machines. Yes View
E8101 Hometown Illinois Grinding Sharpening drills, facers, making step drills, back counter sinks, special cut offs. And making drills out of high speed steal. No View
E8236 Oakfield New York Set-up Davenport Spc entry. Cam changes, Set up to print. Tool grinding. Yes View
E8500 Pittsford New York Operator Davenport Operate, maintain, and troubleshoot three Davenport Screw Machines simultaneously. Make adjustments, grind/sharpen/change tools to maintain specific tolerances and high efficiency. No View
E8494 Blind Ohio Set-up Brown & Sharpe Set-up and operate Brown & Sharpes Certificates and Special Training Brown & Sharpe Set-up and Operation Brown & Sharpe Engineering Harding C.N.C. Lathe Programming and Operation Harding C.N.C. Mill Programming ND Operation (Fanuc Controls) C Yes View
E8491 Elyria Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley Complete tear down and setup of various screw machines. Operated and maintained machines to tight tolerances. Maintained all tooling used to machine jobs. Yes View
E8488 toronto None Set-up New Britain set up/operate new britain screw machines,also some acme gridly and davenport experience. Yes View
E8470 Waterloo New York Design/Layout Davenport 30 years, Davenport set up experience.Management, production schedules, job layouts, estimate cycle times, tool design, repair and maintenance. train operators, first piece inspection, SPC, exc, Yes View
E8467 Cozad Nebraska Set-up New Britain Set-up, adjust, run, load, unload, inspect, chart, read blue prints, change tooling, assist engineering with tool design, tool modification, tooling consolidation, material handle, arrange orders for efficiency. Yes View
E8458 detroit lakes Minnesota Set-up Acme Gridley Setup,trouble shoot,simple machine repair,tool studies,x&r bar charting and operator training. supervise up to 15 employees and keep secondary machining up to speed. Yes View
E8455 Riverside Rhode Island Design/Layout Davenport Davenport set-up, operation, trouble shooting and repair. Process determination,time cycle calculation of single and multispindle screw machines, secondary operations, plating, heat treating ... Production control, plant and QA management. Yes View
E8449 Blind Ohio Operator Davenport operate davenport machines make adjustments as needed. also sharpen form and shave tools tor jobs running on these machines, Yes View
E8437 Mchenry Illinois Set-up Davenport 20yrs. running an setting up davenports. 14yrs. repairing & maintaining screw machine dept. Also kept logs & maintained tool crib for same. Quality control, ISO, & did prep work for toolmakers No View
E8446 Lansing Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Setup and operate 2 or more machines and perform machine repair Yes View
E8443 Blind Michigan Set-Up Acme Gridley Purchasing/sales Product design and mfg. No View
E8440 nashville Tennessee Set-up Wickman set up and operate Yes View
E8425 daly city California Programmer Set-up program and monitor runs solo on night shift 4 years Yes View
E8422 Jackson Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Run and maintain two multi spindle machines. Make adjustments, tool changes and trouble shoots on my own. Can grind drills by hand, grind shaves, forms, cutoffs both carbide and high speed steel, taps, circular forms, circular chasers. Yes View
E8419 Blind New York Set-up Wickman tear down, clean out, set-up, run, and maintain jobs on the machine. wash and box parts on occasion. spinning oil out of the chips for recycling. move material to machine by use of fork-lift. trouble shoot issues with parts if not running wit Yes View
E8410 Blind Florida Set-up Acme Gridley I have been setting up and operating Automatic Multi-Spindle Screw Machines for over 30 years. I have operated a Puma CNC Lathe with Fanuc controls as a secondary operation. I am currently operating Euro Turn multi-spindle screw machines. I set-up, Yes View
E8404 Blind Illinois Set-up Acme Gridley Performed all duties involved in the set up and operation of Acme Gridley screw machines. Yes View
E8401 Glendora California Set-Up Brown & Sharpe Set-up and Operate Single and Multi-Spindle Machines Program and Set-up Okuma CNC Crown Lathes Write Programs on Servo-Cam for Brown & Sharpe Machines leadman/supervisor skills. No View
E8395 Blind Georgia Management Acme Gridley Managed all departments and responsible for P&L Yes View
E8389 Jackson Michigan Set-up Davenport I have ran setup and maintained davenport machines for 3 years im in the process of a complete rebuild on one machine right now i have replaced and rebuilt clutches crosslides endslides Yes View
E8386 Lombard Illinois Operator Davenport Restocking machine, checking part dementions to ensure that they are within tolerances, sharpening tools when needed, making minor adjustments No View
E8380 ontario California Set-up Acme Gridley acme gridley screw machines-setup and operate-was also supervisor of machine shop. 21yrs experience in screw machining-acme gridley No View
E8362 Wilmington Illinois Acme Set-up Setup and operate Acmes 1 inch to 5 1/2 inch machines. Pulled material for production schedule jobs on machines moved parts to next operation tracked production levels. No View
E8338 Coon Rapids Minnesota Set-up Acme Gridley set up and operate acme gridleys and new britain screw machines Yes View
E8347 Akron Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley 20yrs of Acme Set-Up & Operate 7yrs of Plant Supervisor No View
E8251 Denver Pennsylvania Set-up Acme Gridley Make tools. Set up Acme Screw Machines. Do own set ups.Train other people. Been a set up person and Engineer for over 35 years Yes View
E8326 Benton Harbor Michigan Operator New Britain Loaded a 6 spindle Acme, New Britain Screw Machine, adjusting each position to keep in tolerance, or changing tools or holders, cutters or keeping machine clear of metal shavings, No View
E8323 Southington Connecticut Set-up Davenport Set up, repair,train,estimate,lay out,quote,rebuild.... Yes View
E8314 addison Illinois Set-up Euroturn set up operator Yes View
E8311 Blind Florida Set-up Davenport Anything that has to due with screw machines. 13 years Davenport set up experience with all types of attachments No View
E7048 St. Petersburg Florida Set-up Brown & Sharpe Have set-up and operated:Brown&Sharps screwmachines, Acme and New Britain multi spindles, some CNC lathes and mills, Drake Thread grinders, OD Grinders,surface grinders and worked surface treatment. No View
E5917 GARLAND Texas Set-up Hydromat Setup operate mostly Acmes about 6yrs. as leadman worked with pretty much all the attachments Yes View
E8302 Blind Connecticut Management Watch over 25 machine line as lead person over 6 tool setter-operator lines. Can repair machine and have rebuilt machines No View
E8296 White Oak Pennsylvania Management Acme Gridley 25+ years in Screw Machine industry. Wickman & Acme. Setup/Operator experience. Shop manager, tooling design, AutoCAD, purchasing, and extensive IT experience. Yes View
E8290 Blind Pennsylvania Set-up Acme Gridley Set up and maintain Acme Gridley screw machines Yes View
E8275 Paris Texas Programmer Star I have been programming and setting up screw machine, cnc mill, cnc lathe, and wire EDM. Yes View
E8272 Garrettsville Ohio Set-up New Britain Set-up & operate Acme-Gridley, New Britain,Conomatic,Warner & Swasey screw machines. General machine maintenance & repair. Tool regrind of twist drills,form tools and taps. Train new hires. No View
E8269 Blind Pennsylvania Set-up Davenport Operating or setting up davenports holding tight tolerances to blueprint specifications. Yes View
E8263 Prospect Heights Illinois Set-up Brown & Sharp brown and sharpe #00 and #2 set up man box tool, recess, reamers, counter bores, die head, taping.. No View
E8248 bethlehem Pennsylvania Set-up New Britain set up machine from layout . check part if part is not like the print call adjust if need too.maintainte the machine Yes View
E6388 Charlotte North Carlolina Programmer Citizen CNC programming for Citizen and Tsugami Swiss machines, Haas,Mazak,Fadal Mills and Hardinge,Mori Seiki,Mazak,Daewoo lathes Supervisor and Leadman position Shop Manager Yes View
E8239 St.Thomas, Ontario Canada Set-up Davenport Leadhand:Setup, operate and assist operators with setup and operation problems including cams, feeds and spindle speeds and tooling. Tool grinding forms drills,etc. Machine layouts and blue prints. Q A first piece approval. Work with managemen Yes View
E6055 Littleton Colorado Set-up Acme Gridley I was a Leadman in a high volume production machining facility. My duties consist of trouble shooting problems with the machines, assisting the operators when needed and working with the maintenance department on repairs. No View
E5302 Blind Kentucky Set-up Acme Gridley SET UP AND OPERATED ACME GRIDLEY, NEW BRITTAIN MACHINES,train junior operators, repair and maintenance of machines Yes View
E8221 Blind Canada Design/Layout Davenport Calculate cycle times for incoming quotations, procure tooling and attachments necessary to complete job. Setup and install attachments Yes View
E8215 Blind Arkansas Set-up New Britain set-up New Britain 62's, 52's and 51's Yes View
E8200 Blind Missouri Design/Layout Acme Gridley I set up from customer prints and layed out the jobs figuring speeds, feeds and tool arrangements at each position. Designed and made tools and also supervised up to 15 workers on night shift. Yes View
E8197 Blind Rhode Island Programmer Citizen I am responsable for three machines, running and or setting up.I also make edits to the program for tools being used.I also have some tool grinding experience. Yes View
E6730 Bevier Missouri Management Davenport Set-up; run production Lead Person; 28years 2months experience Yes View
E8191 Huber Heights Ohio Set-up Davenport Operate and set-up davenports to meet or exceed the customers requirements. Keep a safe and clean workplace at all times. Keep a high quality level and meet company and customer quotas. Yes View
E8185 Blind Indiana Set-up Acme Gridley set up 6&8 spindle acmes ,including grinding tooling ,changes of gears -cams, etc. No View
E7870 Broken Arrow Oklahoma Set-up Acme Gridley I have run and setup acme for 20+ years. I have done complete rebuild on Acme. done lay outs firgered speeds and feeds. I have also run BS20 tornos hydromats and New Braitns. Yes View
E8164 Blind Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley I have 14 yrs operating, mantaining, and setting up acme 1"- 1 5/8" screw machines. Yes View
E8152 Marshall Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley night shift management,lead person,proto type parts,set-up,maintain machines in work cells,quality control,lay out and blue print trouble shoot,machine trouble shoot,scrap control,material handling equipment. Yes View
E8155 Northlake Illinois Set-up Acme Gridley set up and operate acmes and new britains. No View
E5998 Blind Ohio Acme Operator Acme Gridley Operating multiple machines, 6 or 8 pc sample checks. (every 2 hrs)Daily maintenence(tooling),Loading and stocking of machines. Yes View
E8146 Vermilion Ohio Maintenance Acme Gridley Completed training program at National Acme of Cleve., OH in the building of Acme-Gridley Multiple Spindle Machines. Also have repaired/re-built a wide variety of machine tools. Yes View
E8131 camas Washington Maintenance Acme Gridley Everything form hiring / firing to repairs on acme Yes View
E8119 Rocky Comfort Missouri Maintenance Acme Gridley manage over all production,training of personel Yes View
E8116 Ennis Texas Set-Up Davenport My duties at my current job involves running, maintaining, and setup on multi-spindle davenport machine. Yes View
E8113 Blind Illinois Set-up New Britain setup and operate login inspected parts using cmm,altegra,b and s data checking .grind reamers taps recesses,use watkin saws and repair watkin moter and gear box.close tolerances .oo1 concentricty to.002and perpendicular.setup pickoff attachments set Yes View
E8110 milford Connecticut Operator Brown & Sharpe maintaince of b&s mach, some set-up exper.morn exam before running,tighten chains,replace loose or snapped chains Yes View
E8104 bradford Canada Set-up Davenport set and operate davenport acme newbritain and wickman type multispindle screwmachinesbove machines.quality assurance incuding stat process control Yes View
E8107 Blind South Carolina Set-up Brown & Sharpe set up and fixed brown & sharp machines rebuild spindles and maintain machine for 19 years No View
E5359 Irvine Kentucky Set-up Brown & Sharpe ran production from blue print. made tooling for jobs if needed. keep the tooling sharpen. kept the machine running as needed Yes View
E8095 Pottstown Pennsylvania Programmer Citizen can run a CNC/CAM machine shop top to bottom. Owned small shop. Customer relations, quoting, buying (raw materials, machines etc.), hiring/firing, shop floor control, programming, set-up, quality, operations, training, cleaning & deburring, shippin Yes View
E8089 Machesney Park Illinois Set-Up Greenlee Currently a Lead man in Greenlee Dept. All set ups,troubleshooting, make/modify tooling and fixtures. Yes View
E8086 bonita California Set-up Acme Gridley setups on acme screw machines and acme and warner swazey chuckers Yes View
E8059 Wilkinson Indiana Design/Layout Brown & Sharpe Management, setup, programming, production, estimating Yes View
E8077 St Clair Shores Michigan Set-up Brown & Sharpe set-up, operate, estimating/quoting, tool grinding/making, PPAP, calibration, cam lay-out/cutting, inspection, auditing, maintenance/rebuild Yes View
E8068 Blind Michigan Set-up Davenport Complete set up from blueprint or layout, tooling sharpening, machine repair. Have experience also in training of new employees. Yes View
E8065 Liberty South Carolina Design/Layout Acme Gridley production supervisor machine repair, layout tool design repair troubleshoot Yes View
E8062 Blind Wisconsin Set-up Davenport Scheduling of jobs, taking care of the flow of parts that need heat treat to tumbling, running parts on Davenports to Brownies to Esco to secondary job set-up Yes View
E8041 bristol Connecticut Set-up New Britain Lead/setup pos.of NB&ACMES,some cnc toolsetting/oper.I have experience in the set up of Watkins saw,polygon,eccentric,broaching,knurl,burnish,tapping,rollthreading(Winters air,Reed,speeders,double cutoff. Yes View
E7636 Reno Nevada Set-up Wickman Time Fastener. Set-up/operate 5/8 and/or 1 Wickman screw machines. Working from part blueprint or verbal instructions, created form, facing and other tooling as required. Using surface grinders, lathes, mills, etc. Penn Engineering. 7/16 Acm Yes View
E8032 Blind Indiana Operator Acme Gridley In my current position as an Automatic Machine Operator, I am responsible for operating and maintaining Multi Spindle Screw machines used for the manufacture of automotive parts. Some of my additional job responsibilities are working with cross drill Yes View
E8020 Blind Canada Set-up New Britain Setup, troubleshoot, layouts, training, etc.. Yes View
E8023 Naperville Illinois Operator Davenport set-up and operate 2 or 3 Davenport Screw Machines Yes View
E8011 erieville New York Operator Acme Gridley retool operate inspect per plan Yes View
E7999 jackson Michigan Operator Acme Gridley operating&maintaining two multi spidle machines No View
E7996 Elyria Ohio Design/Layout Brown & Sharpe Set-Up,Operate,Troubleshoot,Job layouts Yes View
E6040 Gettysburg Pennsylvania Set-up Acme Gridley Operator,set-up,team leader,production scheduler, employee reviews, tool crib attendant. Yes View
E7981 Southgate Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up and operate Acme's No View
E1660 Blind Canada Set-up New Britian Ten years set-up experience on New Britain machines. One year set-up Acmes and one year set-up Wickmans. Set-up and operate all of the above. Two years operating Conomatics Yes View
E7975 Blind Connecticut Design/Layout Davenport currently ressponsible for a line of davenport.about 12 men. Yes View
E5341 Blind Wisconsin Set-up Davenport I now set up and run 6 Davenports. I also do machine repair. Yes View
E7972 Holland Michigan Set-up Davenport Currently I'm responsible for setup/trouble shooting on Davenports, Acmes, and a Tornos. I'm also responsible for the maintenance that goes along with it. No View
E6355 kirkville New York Set-up Davenport set-up,repair,rebuild and layout Yes View
E3784 Shelton Connecticut Management Schutte Set-up and operated Multi's, Brown and Sharpe's anc cnc lathes, mills and citizen swiss . Extensive experience in managerial aspects of manufacturing, improve processes through set-up reduction, team building and facilitating, lean six sigma, 5S Yes View
E7969 Huntington Beach California Set-up Acme Gridley Setting up and operating various Acmes from 7/16 to 2 and 5/8 inch capacity. Twenty plus years of Job Shop experience. No View
E7966 Terryville Connecticut Set-up Brown & Sharpe 35+years set-up troubleshoot and repair all types B&S machines Yes View
E7957 Bartow Florida Set-up Brown & Sharpe Working foreman set-up operate - trouble shoot and repair Pick up cams for jobs - Design and build fixtures for Drilling - Milling & all other 2nd operations. Repaired,Setup & Operated #00 thru #3 B&S Ram Slide Yes View
E7951 Blind South Carolina Management Acme Gridley Engineering and supervision-value stream leadership Yes View
E7945 River Grove Illinois Management Davenport Past General Manager at a screw machine company. Have experience in Purchasing, Inventory Control, Production Control and Customer Service. No View
E7942 addison Michigan Set-up Davenport SET- UP MAN , TEAR DOWN AND REBUILD SCREW MACHINES . Cross drilling , Broaching ,pick offs , spindle stopping , Cam making & more . Yes View
E7897 Blind Michigan Set-up Davenport Currently Setting up and Operating Davenports and have been for 25 years straight.Prior to Davenports I ran and set up Brown & Sharps for 7.5 Years. Some experiance as Davenport Supervisor .Also have experiance building auto loading chucker Davenpor Yes View
E5722 MOORESVILLE North Carolina Maintenance Schutte maintenance on Schutte and Euroturn screw machine's & repair of broken attachment, tool holders, troubleshoot Screw machine's . Tool-Crib coordinator and leadman. I have performed alot of other duties over the years. Yes View
E4984 Mount Vernon Indiana Management Brown & Sharpe Recruiting & Management, Purchasing, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Inventory & Supply Chain Management, Quality Control & Assurance, Equipment Inspector, Shipping & Receiving etc. Yes View
E7930 Upland California Set-Up Acme Gridley Lead Person on Acme Gridleys. Set-up Acmes. Create Layouts. Implement manufacturing improvements. Yes View
E6544 Blind Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley set-up and ran acme gridley 6&8 spindles from 1 inch to 4 inch. Yes View
E7924 Sultan Washington Programmer Star Setup and produce product for STAR swiss machines. SR-20s, SA 16s, and SB-16s. Train and help less experienced employees. Debur and inspect products. Measuring equimpent includes calipers, micrometers, gauge pins, drop gauge, ring and plug gauges, Yes View
E6970 Macomb Michigan Design/Layout New Britain I have been in Supervision for last 15 years. Performing set up repair troubleshooting(including electrical) and performing estimates and job layouts on New Britain and Eurotun multi spindle screw machines. Also have Acme experience. Yes View
E7909 Bullhead City Arizona Set-Up Acme Gridley Set-up and run variety of machines, maintain quality parts Yes View
E7912 Phoenix Arizona Set-up Acme Gridley have my own tools, read blue print's,responsible for the quality of my parts,trouble shoot my machines, familiar with steel,aluminum,brass,copper,etc. Yes View
E7906 Los Gatos California Operator Brown & Sharpe Setup & run 00 B&S,Setup & run smo,setup and run 30,60 ton bliss punch press. Ordered material,tooling,lubricanys etc. Adjusted & maintained parts to customer specs. Maintained machine. completed all documents. Yes View
E7903 Newcomerstown Ohio Set-Up Acme Gridley Building and machine maintenance; electrical, hydrolics No View
E7900 Blind Oklahoma Management Acme Gridley Layout and set-up 6-8 B&S 1 spindles Acmes New Britians,Warner Swayes,Davenports. Yes View
E7894 Elyria Ohio Operator Davenport operation of cnc capabilities. Yes View
E7888 Blind Ohio Management Conomatic For the last 17 years i've worked for Miller Bearing. 10 of those years I was a 3rd shift supervisor, I charge of the whole shop.The following 7 years I was 1st. shift maintenance man. Yes View
E7705 roselle Illinois Management New Britain Experienced in all aspects of multi-automatic plant operations. Purchasing, RFQ, payroll, Operation, set-up, repair and rebuilding, HR, facilities manager. No View
E6298 Burlington North Carolina Set-up Acme Gridley Most recently, 04-2001 to 04-2008, Setup/operate (2) 1 1/4" 6 spindle Acme Gridley screw machines. Applying my setup knowledge to replace a completed, "job order" w/ a new job order, by following a setup and tooling layout. Yes View
E1060 Blind Ohio Management Citizen supervisor,tool grinder,tool setter,troubleshooter,cnc-multi spindle specialist Yes View
E7681 Reidsville North Carolina Management Davenport Performed set-ups on Davenports, Acmes and B&S as well as programmed Swiss and Convential CNC equipment. Designed tooling for various machines. Yes View
E7861 grand haven Michigan Set-up New Britian maintain and run new britain screw machine Yes View
E7858 Blind Michigan Operator Acme Gridley Yes View
E7855 chicago Illinois Operator Davenport No View
E5890 Blind Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley setup, operate, maintance, on acme, davenport, secondary machines,lathe/mill, metal fabricator, welding/brazing,troubleshooting,job layouts,training, rebuilding, line boring,researching and ordering parts from vendors Yes View
E7849 Gresham Oregon Engineering Citizen Oversight and maintenance of robotic packaging/dispensing in the medical and microprocessor fields. No View
E7825 Blind Michigan Operator Swiss/Tornos Run production, some set-up experience, chart SPC, retool machines No View
E7828 Twin Lakes Wisconsin Set-up Brown & Sharpe set-up of single spindle brown&sharpe, all tool sharpening Yes View
E7822 becker MN. Minnesota Set-up Acme Gridley set up and operate acme gridleys and brown & sharpe for 30 years Yes View
E7819 Columbus Ohio Engineering Brown & Sharpe Owner of job shop, screw machines and secondary. Sales and application training including software training and setup and repair training. Yes View
E7816 Palm Beach Gardens Florida Operator Swiss/Tornos Production Machining... All tool changes,Offsets Inspection, All Gages, compareter, Micro-Vu etc.. Yes View
E4048 Manchester New Jersey Management Davenport V.P.-General Manager of Machining and Assembly Plant, Thoroughly familiar with all phases of Screw-Machine AND PLANT OPERATIONS.RESPONSIBLE FOR ENGENEERING AND SALES DEPTS. No View
E7813 Spring Lake Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley 1 month quality experience 1 year 6 spindle Acme Operator experience 6 months set-up experience Yes View
E7513 Golden Colorado Management Citizen I have performed every duty possible in a job shop, front to back. From sales and estimating to programming, setup and operation of CNC machines. I owned my own shop of 15 machines. I did all the sales, planning, supervision, programming, purchasin Yes View
E889 ORILLIA Alabama Set-Up Davenport setup,repair,toolmaking+design,produce layouts from prints,refurbishing,oversee operators, make special tool holders as required, rebuild or repair machines Yes View
E5053 milwaukee Wisconsin Set-up Acme Gridley over 20 years in screw machine field set up repair management ,technical support Yes View
E7807 glendale California Set-up Acme Gridley Yes View
E7804 Wolcott Connecticut Set-up Davenport I've been a Davenport set-up operator for many years. As such, I've set tooling as prescribed by a layout & blueprint to produce high quality machined parts in very large quanities. Yes View
E7801 rockford Michigan Operator Acme Gridley running machine's, and clean them out. i have done stock and maintenance, for instance fix oil lines and feed fingers. No View
E7795 Otsego Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up and operate Acme manual and no-cam (CNC) 6 and 8 spindle macines for 15 years. Yes View
E7792 South Milwaukee Wisconsin Operator New Britian set up and operations of single and multi spindle screw machines Yes View
E7378 Marinette Wisconsin Set-up Wickman Setup and operate Acme Gridily and Wickman screw machines. Yes View
E5668 Blind Puerto Rico Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up and operate acme/gridley screwmachines 1/4 to 2 inches Yes View
E7786 Sauk Village Illinois Set-up Davenport set up and operate machines. Yes View
E7780 reelsville Indiana Set-up Davenport setup and operate davenport automatic screw machines, including tool sharpening,thread rolling, and threading clutches Yes View
E7627 Grand Haven Michigan Design/Layout Acme Gridley Currently a lead set- up man and operator as well as lay-out jobs. Trouble shooter and or set- up man. I have over 27 years experience in this field; nearly 20 with the company i am currently employed with. Yes View
E7771 Ontario California Set-up Brown & Sharpe setup operator, tool sharpener, thread rolling, tool and die, maintenance, and machinist. Was also supervisor. Yes View
E6916 Hilton New York Maintenance Davenport Repair of production machines and assembly as well as any facility equipment, complete rebuid of davenports and attatchments Yes View
E7765 north bergen New Jersey Set-up Brown & Sharpe Set-up and operate Brown & Sharpe scew machines Yes View
E7759 Coloma Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Retool, setup and operate, training, problem solving, tooling & design. No View
E7753 Corona California Set-up Hanwha set-ups, running production, checking parts, adjusting dimensions, align & secure holding fixtures, cutting tools, attachments, accessories & materials No View
E7702 Fort scott Kansas Set-up Acme Gridley operate, setup, and reapair acme gridleys for 10 years. i have some experience on manual lathe. Yes View
E7735 San Mateo Florida Set-up Swiss/Tornos Started as operator in tornos swiss shop. Moved up to inspector which included using micrometers, calipers, drop and plug gages, reading prints, comparator,load bars, learned to make needed adjustments on machines to keep tolerences in. Advanced to t No View
E7747 Chandler Arizona Management Swiss/Tornos Value stream map processes, plan & facilitate kaizen events, train associates in a basic Lean class, coordinate Lean projects to ensure that goals and timelines are met, track metrics COGS, DOI, RTY, and Productivity, monitor internal metrics such as Yes View
E7744 Morris Connecticut Set-up Davenport Set-up and operate and repair Davenports and operate forklift to bring in rod. Yes View
E7738 kansas city Missouri Set-up Citizen Setup operate and repair swiss style cnc machines Yes View
E6472 Pacoima California Set-up New Britain Set-up New Britain screw machines Producing parts to blueprint specification Yes View
E7714 Buda Texas Set-up Davenport I was responsible for setting up, troubleshooting, and training other employees as well as running production on two machines. Yes View
E7699 Blind Ohio Operator New Britain ran 6 spindle amce gridley and 8 spindle machine performed all preventative maintenace on machine cleaned screens added oil made sure that tools were receiving proper lubricant to prevent breakage change forms and inserts to tooling used guages to i Yes View
E7696 Waterloo New York Set-up Davenport set up, repair,layout,&operate Davenport screw machines Yes View
E7693 Chittenango New York Design/Layout Davenport Estimator, Quality Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Quality and Engineering Manager, Tool Room Supervisor, Continuous Improvement Manager Yes View
E7684 thomaston Connecticut Management Brown & Sharpe resume supplied upon request 38years of mang.set up ebuilding sevocam programing training No View
E7687 Blind Florida Management Brown & Sharpe Second shift supervisor, Brown & Sharpe Setup-Operator. Also Davenport & Acme Operator with some setup experience. Yes View
E7678 Ardmore Oklahoma Set-up Citizen Started at a Machine Operator with no experience and gained knowledge for 3 years. After 3 years I was promoted to CNC Setup. I have been the setup person on the 2nd shift for 2 years now. I now do setups, troublshooting, and fix breakdowns in an Yes View
E7675 alta loma California Set-up Brown & Sharpe most work has been in job shops, set up on whatever Yes View
E7669 Huffman Texas Set-up Acme Gridley Acme,conomatic,Euroturn,Greenly,Schutte set-up/operator. forman,Leadman Yes View
E7666 Columbia Tennessee Management Davenport Production Manager, Plant Supervisor,and Production Supervisor. Yes View
E7660 Blind Indiana Set-up Davenport I have 10 years experience in operating and setting up Davenport screw machines and making lay outs for them. I am currently the Plant Supervisor over the whole shop. I am looking to relocate to a warmer climate. I would like to get into a Yes View
E7657 St. Catharines Canada Set-up Acme Gridley No View
E6151 Painesville Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley 35 years experience in the machining field. Set-up & operate Acme and New Britians. Troubleshooting, machine maintenance. Yes View
E7645 kendallville Indiana Operator Acme Gridley operated multi spindle, and some single spindle machines.cleaned areas around machine. No View
E7633 holiday Florida Set-up Davenport setup and .operate .fifteen years exp setup geometric die heads and tapping exp milling and cross drilling atachmentsl No View
E7630 fontana California Set-up Acme Gridley set up n op / shape my own tools /load machines /check parts Yes View
E7621 itasca Illinois Davenport Set-up Davenport multi spindle screw machine set-up machinist and operator. Also have past Acme, Newbritian and Euro-turn operator experience and entry set-up Yes View
E6337 Youngstown New York Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up and operate acme-gridley screw machines Set-up and operate cnc lathe and vertical mills Proficient on manual lathes and mills Yes View
E7609 new london Ohio Operator Davenport operation of Davenport,brown and sharp, and cnc machines. Safety teams, first response team. No View
E4666 benton harbor Michigan Operator Acme Gridley tool sharpening,brown and sharpe set-up,changing cams and gears,inspect production with caliper,micrometers and gauges ,loading machines,collet adjustment,changing collets and feed fingers,troubleshooting,lift truck driving,s.p.c charts,deburring,sec Yes View
E7591 phila Pennsylvania Set-up Brown & Sharpe set up and operate groupes of brown & sharpe screw machines made and ground tooling to get the job done Yes View
E7555 MONTCLAIRE California Operator Davenport OPPERATOR AND SET UP Yes View
E6967 Zion Illinois Set-up New Britain · Inspection, prevention maintenance, troubleshooting and machine repair to ensure industry standards · Secondary machines o Drill Press o Lathes o CNC Operator o Boring Machine o Multiple Function Drill Press · Reading and interpreting bluepr Yes View
E5197 Blind New York Engineering Davenport Lead Engineer in large captive turning facility. Oversee 3 mfg. engineers and 1 contract position. Liaison with corporate design engineering in development of new design and product design improvement. Develop quotations, processes (time cycles lay Yes View
E6772 Big Rapids Michigan Engineering Davenport Manufacturing engineer for Parker Hannifin Corp. Ran screw machine department, tool room, preventative maintence programs, safety coordinator, qualiity control team, set-up reduction, failure mode and effects analysis, cost reduction Yes View
E7552 FAIRMONT West Virginia Operator Acme Gridley I CAN RUN, REPAIR, AND SET UP MACHINES Yes View
E7471 Priest River Idaho Management Acme Gridley Lay out, set up, rebuild and trouble shoot of Acme Gridley and Brown & Sharpe automatic screw machines. Hire and manage employees, handle day to day tasks of running a business. No View
E4987 Blind California Set-up Brown & Sharpe Set up Brown and Sharpe screw machine's. Effectively troubleshoot machine and job problems. High quality tool making abilities- step drills, recess, form and special cut off tools. Patiently train and supervise employees. correctly choose cams Yes View
E7060 Alton Illinois Set-up Acme Gridley I work with blue prints and layouts to figure out appropriate feeds and speeds. I also set up and run the machines and keep tools maintained for production. Yes View
E7543 meriden Connecticut Set-up Brown & Sharpe set up and operate various machines sharpen or change tooling as needed Inspect work produced apply all production reports. perform some miner repairs No View
E7537 Katy Texas Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up,operate,and trouble shoot multi spindle screw machines. Yes View
E7531 Blind Minnesota Programmer Citizen Responsible for an off-shift as cell leader. 2 setup personnel and 4 operators report directly to me. My current main function is kitting jobs and double checking programs and troubleshooting quality and efficiency issues at the machine. No View
E7309 Wheaton Illinois Set-up Brown & Sharpe Responsible to set up and operated up to four single spindle screw machines; performs in a wide range of turning, drilling, reaming, tapping, boring, recessing, shaving forming, thread rolling, die head thread cutting, knurling, cross drill, milling, Yes View
E7522 Moses Lake Washington Set-Up Citizen Setup & run machines, make specialized form tools an drills Run athes, mills, surface grinders, hones and sicing composite materials. Yes View
E7516 Pinckcard Alabama Set-up Swiss/Tornos Screw Machine setup & operate, CNC setup & operate, various mazak machines setup and operate Yes View
E7519 Blind Michigan Management Brown & Sharpe Complete knowledge of the Screw Machining and Job Shop industries. Experienced with full P&L responsibilities as well as all government and Q/C compliance issues. Yes View
E4426 Princeton Illinois Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up and operation of several types of screw machines Acme- Gridley,Wickman,and Warner-Swasey. Various attachments, pneumatic pick-off,roll-threads,thread chasing, hollow mills,burnishing,shave tools,skiving,knurling.etc. No View
E7507 tucson Arizona Set-up Acme Gridley I have 25 years of experience on acme gridley multi spindlos some experience on Davenports working wiht winter thread roll holders tapping stamping I .D RECESS USE ALL KIND OF EQUIPMENT CALIPERS MICROMETES DEHP INDICATORS Yes View
E7510 Lorain Ohio Operator Acme Gridley Have experiece in running 2" multi-spindle acme machines No View
E7504 plainfield Illinois Set-up New Britain I am a leadman for the new britain dept for 20 yearsI No View
E7483 Lakeland Florida Set-up Warner Swasey Set-up and operate Acme, Warner Swasey, Davenport, New and New Britain machines. Quality control of parts produced. Yes View
E7477 St Clair Shores Michigan Quality Brown & Sharpe Supervision, quoting, lay-out, tool manufacture, set-ups, operation, monitor quality (SPC), purchasing, scheduling, record keeping, and training. Yes View
E7462 Blind Ohio Set-up New Britain Set-up and present first piece inspection,run as needed Yes View
E7438 Lancaster South Carolina Acme Set-up Acme Gridley Train and assist other operators in problem areas.My greatest assest is the ability to get the full ability of the machine.Mastering difficult parts. I have 35 years experience in the setup of acme ,new britian and davenports Yes View
E5287 Pawtucket Rhode Island Set-up Brown & Sharpe Yes View
E7441 bedford Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley Do setup work when assigned, operate all of the above machines mentioned. When needed changed and reset all tooling. I have tool resharpening skills and training for the above screw machines. Yes View
E7435 Marshall Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Yes View
E6823 cleveland Ohio Set-up Davenport maint. set-up, diag. of davenport machines, also ran cnc swiss in conjuction with the Davenports. I have a detailed resume detailing various types of attachments that I have exp. with. on the Davenports Screw Machines. Yes View
E7399 Elmira New York Operator Davenport Machine operator and setup. Quality control of own parts produced. Yes View
E7390 sand springs Oklahoma Design/Layout Davenport all phases of shop organization. Machine layout,tool design,purchasing,scheduling,machine repair,training,checking spc.trouble shooting. Yes View
E7360 Hicksville Ohio Operator Acme Gridley acme,hydromat,euroturn,cnc lathes,vmc,cincinnati grinding machines. No View
E7351 Hudson Michigan Design/Layout Acme Gridley I'm a second generation screw machine guy. I have 16yrs. under my belt. I've been a supervisor for 9yrs. I can do layouts, qouting, setups, repairs, and machine rebuilding, including pulling the carrier. Re-work tooling, making of tooling. Yes View
E7330 Nevada Ohio Operator Acme Gridley All aspects of setup operation and maint of acme screw machines. Yes View
E7342 Blind Tennessee Acme Set-up Acme Gridley Set up and operate Acme Gridley ;and New Britain screw machines Yes View
E7339 Blind Ohio Operator Acme Gridley setup and opperate machines check parts maintain machines Yes View
E7324 chicago Illinois Swiss/Tornos Citizen At Illinois manufacturing foundation i was responsible for teaching blue print reading and the set up of brown and sharpe.I was a lead man for a crew of five on 2nd shift where i increased production at quality. Yes View
E7318 Fall River Massachusetts Design/Layout Brown & Sharpe set-up and operate B&S screw machines to manufacture complex and non-routine parts to high quality standards and consistent with specifications. No View
E6097 monroe Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley manage,setup, repair,troubleshoot,all,acme,and,secondary,machins Yes View
E7279 Pinconning Michigan Management Acme Gridley I have 22 years experience operating and setting up Acme Gridley screw machines. I have tapping and thread rolling experience. I have layout experience as well as job quoting experience. Yes View
E7291 Langhorne Pennsylvania Set-up Wickman Make tools,repair machines.Set-up and run two machines No View
E7300 DRIFTWOOD Texas Set-Up Schutte same as above. Yes View
E5635 pittsburgh Pennsylvania Management Acme Gridley From hire to fire,quotes,buying of Machines,Layouts,cost cutting,product flow,schedualing,trouble shooting jobs and Machines,Training of operating and set-up on many types of screw Machines and secondary machines,buying of repair parts and tooling,Ru Yes View
E3466 El Paso Texas Engineering Hydromat Manufacturing Engineering Manager Responsible for all Engineering Department personnel activities: layouts, quotes, and tooling orders for aluminum blocks for A/C units for the automotive industry. Managed cross-functional teams for new job launch Yes View
E7297 Warrensville Heights Ohio Set-Up Swiss/Tornos tool finisher of lamp making equipment all very small work No View
E7282 Rockford Illinois Set-up Acme Gridley set up and operator swiss mach. set up and operator acme's set up operator cnc vertical mill tool room Yes View
E7276 Mesa Arizona Set-up Acme Gridley Acme set-up, operate,repair Yes View
E7246 Blind New York Set-up Davenport 12 Years of experience in Set-up, repair and re-build. Knowledge of Speeds, feeds, machine attachments, cams, gears, cross slides and tooling. No View
E7270 Virgil Canada Grinding Tool Grinding Sales/Servicing Supervisor of Tool Crib & Tool Grinding Design Screw Machine Tooling Trouble Shoot Tooling Yes View
E7267 Garrett Indiana Set-up Acme Gridley I was responsible for the full set up,tool sharpening, Part measurments, and major and minor machine adjustments. Yes View
E5476 Cazenovia New York Set-up Davenport Set-up one machine while running two others,gathering cams, collets, feed fingers, gears,etc. for new set-up. Kept other machines loaded, oiled, chip carts emptied, maintained SPC data,and tool logs, while checking parts. Performed preventative maint Yes View
E7252 Castro Valley California Set-up Star light programming on Stars, set up and operate daily also production manager last 14 years Yes View
E6649 St. Louis Missouri Warner Swasey Set-up Warner Swasey set up and opr ,mantane set up sharpen tool ,inspect part read blue print fine and fix problem Yes View
E7057 Webster Wisconsin Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up,Operate,Troubleshoot,Repair,Rebuilding of Acme Gridleys. 25 Years exp. Yes View
E7228 Logan Utah Programmer Star Program, setup, and run Star Swiss lathes Yes View
E7225 Lititz Pennsylvania Set-up New Britain I have extensive experience in s/u and operating all types of machine shop equipment. I owned my own tool and die co and worked as a manager for Caterpillar, in York pa Yes View
E7222 Sanford Florida Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up and operated various machinery, safety inspector, inventory control, forklift driver Yes View
E7216 Azle Texas Set-up Davenport set up operator,maintnance and repair of 5 spindle automatic screw machine (Davenport). Yes View
E7204 Mansfield Ohio Management Acme Gridley All facets of machine shop operations;set-up,maintenance, supervision, managing, engineering Yes View
E2647 Garland Texas Set-up Acme Gridley Currently I am the lead man over eight davenports.Im in charge of setups and maintance on these machines.Also Im in charge of work scheduling.This shop is Q.S.9000 certafide. Yes View
E7189 Cozad Nebraska Set-up New Britain Currently I am the screw machine lead operator, which includes trouble shooting, repair, maintenance, even rebuilding, updating, tooling design, cost reduction, I also served on the safety committee for 14 years and chaired it for 5 years Yes View
E7186 elyria Ohio Operator Acme Gridley run production and make tool changes also check parts for quality and keep machines in good running order No View
E7168 South Bend Indiana Set-up Brown & Sharpe setup, repair, train on Brown & Sharpe and Acme screw machines No View
E7171 Bellflower California Design/Layout Acme Gridley Set-Up and operate and trouble shoot Acme's as well as Design and Layout Yes View
E7156 Blind Illinois Set-up New Britain Operated and set up New Britain and Acme No View
E5104 kirkville New York Set-up Davenport operate,set-up,and repair davenports.operate euroturns.spin chips Yes View
E6109 lansing Michigan Set-up New Britian Setup New Britain 6 spindle #51 and #52's. Have expirence with Winter Head roll threads, die heads, burnishing tools, pick offs, both New Britain and Acme types,know how to change out speeder gears and clutch's. I also have recess expirence, and have Yes View
E5968 Pageland South Carolina Set-up Acme Gridley Job estimating, purchasing raw materials, tooling (new & surplus), set up of Acme & secondary operations, centerless grinding (in-feed & thru-feed), rebuild high/low clutches, threading clutches, rebuild spindles, cross slides. General & preventive m Yes View
E7144 Irvington Alabama Design/Layout Acme Gridley operater,setup,leadman,supervisor,tool layout,job schedule,machine maintanence,part ordering, tool ginder Yes View
E6268 Blind Wisconsin Set-up Acme Gridley run parts to blueprint specs using calipers, micrometers, depth mics, and a variety of specialized equipment. also familiar with ISO9001 Yes View
E7138 Santa Rosa California Set-up Swiss/Tornos Journeyman Swiss Screw Machinist with 25 years experience looking for position in the San Francisco North Bay. Experienced in CNC or Conventional Swiss Machines. 5 years as tool and cutter grinder producing miniature tooling for Swiss Screw Mach. No View
E7129 Daly City California Operator Acme Gridley I had to set up the acme run parts inspect for quality and precision.Sharpen and lubricate machine as needed. No View
E7126 North Adams Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Leader of acme department, set up, maintenance on all Acme from 9/16 to 3 1/2, ordering machine parts, can run a wire welder and stick welder. Yes View
E4231 UNION Ohio Set-up Brown & Sharpe Setup and operate B&S and CNC lathes. Run secondary operations, train personal in setup and operation. Yes View
E7123 Asheville North Carlolina Set-up Acme Gridley I have 15 yrs experience in set-up and operating of Acme multi spindle machines.I am also used to operating and doing secondary operations.I am also capable of ordering material needed for jobs to be ran.I have all my own tools and measuring instrume No View
E6016 strongsville Ohio Set-up Brown & Sharpe Can preform all machine repair Make own tooling Teach trainees Yes View
E5683 Show Low Arizona Set-Up Acme Gridley Ran and set up B&S screw machines and also Acme screw machines for 43 years. Had my own shop then the down turn in 2005 lasted for 3 years it took had customers run me out 90-120 days out that took it down Yes View
E7090 n syracuse New York Operator Davenport I have 11 years with PPC company runnig davenports.Machineoperator, read blue print, replacement tooling, repairing spindle bearing ,clean collet,repair pickup.change cam Yes View
E6961 Delafield Wisconsin Set-up Acme Gridley Set up Acme and Wickman.Group leader.Water Spider.Go to guy.Strong trouble-shooting skills. No View
E7081 Lakeview Michigan Set-up Davenport Able to do my own setups my own repairs,also maintaine the machine it self.I was responable for 2 machines at a time. Yes View
E7078 Tarzana California Set-up Acme Gridley Make layouts for machines, make some tooling, perform some maintenence. Yes View
E7054 North adams Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley I have setup and ran acme screw machine's for the last 7 years,I can read blue prints, trouble shoot problems knowledge of all tooling, tapping unit, thread rolls recess tool, drills, air stops,lock up shoes, gears, etc. Yes View
E7030 Elkhart Indiana Set-up Greenlee Setting up and operating 6-9 multi spindle machines. Including Rockford Greenlee and Acme. Know and understand Brown@Sharpes. Spindle repair, welding, some electrical R@R, lots of hand tool grinding, very good on a engine lathe Yes View
E5290 Muncie Indiana Set-up Davenport set-up and run davenport screwmachine. ran acme screwmachine. ran cnc swiss screwmachine. ran cnc lathes. bridgeport mills. CMM measuring. Yes View
E7039 Elyria Ohio Engineering Swiss/Tornos When starting my machine in the morning I would setup by programming machine to right sitting. To parts as in punishing in my work order. No View
E6394 Buffalo New York Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up from begining to end,operate and maintain,preform simple maintenance and PM maintenance on machines,also lead ,train and assist other operators Yes View
E7015 Oak Forest Illinois Set-up Warner Swayze Working shift supervisor who maintained and managed all production departments. Approved set-ups and first article jobs. Including trouble shooting problem production runs and machine repair No View
E7009 Blind Connecticut Set-up Davenport I've been working on Davenports for near 40 years. Doing set up's, repair's, and layouts. I've been a lineman, leadman, or forman. The past few years I've been in a Davenport rebuilding department. No View
E3907 Las Cruces New Mexico Programmer Citizen Operate and setup of multiple Tsugami Swiss Machines with CNC automatic barfeeds Create and edit programs for Tsugami Swiss Machines,mills lathes Also experienced on Mori Sekei turning centers,twin turrets(ZL)Horizontal Mills and Vertical Milli Yes View
E7006 Chicago Illinois Grinding Built new tooling; die reapir and trouble-shooting No View
E4357 Blind Indiana Management Acme Gridley In my 18 yrs of working in management, I have been responsible for 48 Acme Gridley machines and supervised up to 45 employees. Some of my duties consisted of,Quoting new jobs, planning & assigning jobs to machines,planning the daily work of employee Yes View
E6994 Decatur Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley I have been plant supervisor & dept. supervisor for past 10 years my duties performed, production scheduling, traning, troble shooting machines, tooling design, job layouts. I have been in the screw machine business for 25 plus years. Yes View
E3100 Olivet Michigan Set-up Schutte setup and operate 2 schutte ag20 8 spindles Yes View
E5704 Jackson Michigan Set-up New Britian Started fresh out of high school and the jackson area carerr center. Advancing rapidly from a helper, to a operator, then on to setup, maintenance, & finally machine repair, trainer, supervisor & (LINELEADER). Yes View
E6973 Kenosha Wisconsin Set-up Davenport Setup, operate, maintain, repair and troubleshoot Davenport screw machines. Did tool making and sharpening. Oversaw and trained other operators and other employees. 21 yrs. experience, 13 yrs. as second shift leadman. No View
E6976 Blind Michigan Design/Layout Acme Gridley Machine selection and layout, purchase of tooling and machine supplies Yes View
E6958 cameron North Carlolina Set-up Acme Gridley setup/operator of acme,newbritain,buffoli,conomatic,hydromat,workcell,secondary machinery,kingsbury,as well as jenson parts washer, and working with automatic tube cutting machinery. Can run overhead cranes,forklifts,work with quality control, and tr Yes View
E6946 austin Minnesota Set-up New Britain i am 25 years old and have been setting up and running new britain multi spindle machines for five years.i have been a lead man for the last two years. Yes View
E6940 rialto California Set-up Brown & Sharpe supervise night shift. plus set-up @ operate. brown@sharpe set-up man for 22 years Yes View
E157 Green Cove Springs Florida Set-up Davenport supervision of entire third shift, set-up and operate and repairs of davenports. set-up and operate conomatics, acme's, warner & swayseys, brown & sharpes, indexers, wickman, esco, and bechlers. Yes View
E6934 Salem Ohio Set-Up Acme Gridley Set-up & Operation of Acme Screw Machines. I also have experience operating Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Machines. No View
E6826 Gretna Virginia Set-up Acme Gridley Setting up Acmes, according to Layouts, Mfg. Quality parts according to Blue prints, SPC charts,Quality Checks. Schutte Operating, tool setting. Yes View
E6925 Pinnacle North Carlolina Set-up Davenport Eight Years Davenport Experience. The last two have been Set-up. Do a lot of Repair and mainenence work to the machines. Also have been primary trainer for many operators. Yes View
E6922 Rochester New York Acme Operator Acme Gridley did set ups,blue print reading,maintenance,pre set up, Yes View
E4672 Holland Michigan Set-up Davenport Set up and have most repairs, also operate and maintained SPC requirements. Yes View
E3532 rochester New York Set-up Acme Gridley set up and troubleshoot acme gridley,gildemeister,and davenport screw machines;troublshoot iemca and gildemeister barloaders.supervised acme and gildemeister department Yes View
E6913 lorain Ohio CNC Milling loading forgings and milling them. check parts, change tooling Yes View
E6352 bellevue Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Setting up and running varies machine from 9/16 to 3"acme gridley,51 or 52 new britten Yes View
E718 Olathe Kansas Set-up Davenport 14 years of setup, operation, and troubleshooting of Davenport Multispindle.12yrs Swiss-type cam screw machines.7 years setup and operation of Swiss-type CNC Machines. Citizen B12's,L20, L32,BL12,Nomura, MS32 Index multispindles Yes View
E6904 jackson Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Run two acme's, or set-up. 20 years experience running acmes, 15 years set-up experience.1-inch - 3-1/2 inch, Roll threads,dieheads,tapping,stamping, No View
E4069 Marlette Michigan Engineering Acme Gridley Foreman, setup and repair, operating, owner of one man shop. Most recent employment was three years as a process engineer in a 70 employee shop. Yes View
E5653 Valencia California Operator Swiss/Tornos Operate acme's,tornos. Inspected parts. Resharpened cutting tools. Yes View
E6430 Blind Pennsylvania Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up and operate screw machines. (Acme, b&s, new britain etc.) Yes View
E6322 Blind Michigan Operator Acme Gridley Operate 9/16, 1 5/8, 1 1/4, 2 5/8 and 1" Acme's. Perform maintenance.Perform spc calculations(manually or computerized). Help other employees. Yes View
E6883 SHELBY TWP Michigan Operator Acme Gridley opertor and sharping tooling loading machines some setups Yes View
E6877 Franklin Park Illinois Set-up Brown & Sharpe set up, operate, sharpen tools, check and maintain tolerance No View
E5089 Temple Georgia Management Acme Gridley Please see resume Yes View
E6871 Rumford Rhode Island Set-up Brown & Sharpe set-up and operate all brown&sharpe automatic screw machines maintain tooling peform machine maintainence No View
E6859 Geneva Ohio Operator Acme Gridley set-up & operate acme to 3 inch Yes View
E6868 phoenix Arizona Programmer Citizen set up and operation, print reading, use of all measuring instruments, programming, program editing. I have set-up and programming experience with CNC swiss screw machines such as: Stars/citizens. Yes View
E4678 Maple Valley Washington Set-up Brown & Sharpe Working on B&S since 1981. 17 years at my previous employer where I did set-up and operation, until they eliminated my dept. Ordered material,tool bits,cams,and layouts. Since May 2006, till Jan. 2009 I was leadperson at Automatic Prod. in Kent WA. No View
E6856 Painesville Ohio Operator Davenport Maintenance and operating Yes View
E6217 new kensington Pennsylvania Set-up Davenport set up davenports 11 years . set up acmes 7 years. No View
E6844 Blind Ohio Programmer Citizen joureymen tool & maker,cnc progammer & operator,machine matntenance repairmen Yes View
E6847 paramount California Set-up Davenport set up and operate davenports No View
E6805 Blind North Carlolina Set-up Acme Gridley trouble shoot machining problems,maintain production and quality. Now eployed as group leader over acmes,tornos multi deco,davenport,hydromat,new britain chuckers,goss,kingsbury Yes View
E6295 Blind Michigan Set-up Brown & Sharpe RUN 2 MACHINES OR SET-UP 1 MACHINE WHILE RUNNING THE OTHER 1 Yes View
E6721 zeeland Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley was a group leader for 7 yrs. over about 50 people I have set-up and run acmes for 24 yrs Yes View
E6787 damascus Oregon Operator Brown & Sharpe setup and opp. "oo" No View
E6505 Sugar Grove Illinois Set-up Conomatic Can set up most all operations on Conomatics,B&S,and Davenport with the exception of Cross operations,some tool room experience,performed most machine repairs.Sharpen and set:form,shave,turning,recess,drills,tap,thread rollers and die heads Yes View
E6778 Stoughton Massachusetts Operator Brown & Sharpe Quality Control of produced parts, setup/operation of the above mentioned machines. Use of verniers calipers, and micrometers, aswell as other various qc tools. Machine maintenance, machine repair, tool changes, tool setting, tool ordering Yes View
E6010 Wainfleet Canada Management Acme Gridley MRO Buyer, Production Supervisor, Lead Hand, Acme gridley Set-up Man, Have done everything fro Set-up and run Tool Crib, Training of New Employees, Involved in hiring / Firing, Cost Reduction, Purchasing ,Managing a $150,000.00 a month budget. More i Yes View
E6769 dracut Massachusetts Operator Davenport check parts make ajustments as needed / sharpen tool replace driils/broaches fix machine when needed No View
E6751 Blind New York Management Acme Gridley Layout,Engineering,Troubleshooting all machining problems,supervision of union and non union shops, project management, maintenance rebuilding of equipment, process and cost improvements. Yes View
E6754 Gradyville Pennsylvania Set-Up Other Multi-Spindle I have experience with both new and modern machines, and I have experience with the old brown and sharp cam driven mechanical machines from my father's shop. Swiss Star ST38, Haas VF2,3,4, Hardinge, Okuma, and several other CNC MC. Yes View
E6757 Hillsboro Missouri Design/Layout Acme Gridley Currently Plant Manager of a Screw Machine house. Duties include oversee entire operation of 21 Acmes, 3 Brown & Sharpes, 2 Davenports and Various Secondary Equipment. Layout and estimate Acmes, Brown & Sharpes and Davenports. Troubleshoot and overs Yes View
E6745 Grand Haven Michigan Set-up New Britain set up change over operate new britains 11 years. 6 weeks on acme No View
E6739 Jackson Michigan Set-up Swiss/Tornos All machine shop duties. Acme,B&S,Tornos,Cones,ect.Set up repair Acme ,B&S. Yes View
E6718 South Elgin Illinois Set-up Brown & Sharpe Setup and operation of brown and sharpe screw machines.Read and complete work orders.Perform routine preventive maintenance and repairs.Constructed fixtures for secondary operations.Set up secondary operations. Yes View
E6715 Roswell Georgia Operator Swiss/Tornos Setup and operation of machines per blueprint. Setup usually in brass(delrin for plastics). Program and offset manipulation for quicker setup and to adjust for tool wear or machine warm-up. 100% part inspection frequently while running job. Use of ma No View
E6145 Huntington Park California Set-up Davenport Set-up and operate two multi spindle Davenports. Yes View
E6061 Blind New York Set-up Davenport Supervivise over the New Britain department. Troubleshoot and setup of the New Britian and Davenport machines. Making repairs on the machinery as needed. Working closely with the the Engineering Department and Floor Supervisor helping to resolve p Yes View
E6694 castalian springs Tennessee Design/Layout Acme Gridley quoting, layouts, tool design autocad 2007, machine repair, setups, training Yes View
E6691 wakeman Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley set-up acmes 1 inch - 2 5/8 inch 6 spindles Yes View
E6688 Freport Illinois Operator Wickman General operating of different screw machines, changing, sharpening and moving tools, shaves,forms,and drills to meet required blueprint standards Yes View
E6682 Amherst Ohio Operator Citizen cnc operator No View
E5782 Waterford Michigan Maintenance New Britain I am able to completely repair 51NB or 52NB. That includes rebuilding spindles, qualifying toolslides, replacing and making all slide bushings and shafts, also rebuilding all inner parts of gear box i.e. clutches, brakes and all bearings.I also get a Yes View
E6271 Thornton Colorado Set-up Acme Gridley Supervisor, Forman, Set up, Operator manual and CNCs No View
E6676 Denton Texas Set-up Acme Gridley Setup and operate Acme multi spindle screw machines, maintain clean work area. Use calipers, micrometers, pin gages, thread rings and/or plugs to maintain print tolerances. Perform minor maintenance and assist other operators. Yes View
E6673 Racine Wisconsin Set-up Davenport floor management. inventory. planning. settup and operating of multiple types of multispindles. very universal for otherthings in shop also. sharpening own tooling. ordering tooling. ect....... No View
E6655 dallas Georgia Set-up Acme Gridley I have setup and operated namy different multis and I have some layout experience. Yes View
E6634 Blind Michigan Set-up Davenport JOB DESCRIPTION: I have set up & repaired davenport automatic screw machines. I have over seen manufacturing operations on 2nd shift and also torn screw machines down to base and rebuilt. I was in charge of building maintenance and second operations. Yes View
E5464 york Pennsylvania Set-up Guildemister 19 years setup/operate experience, leadman on offshifts for 16 years, have worked for 4 different companys Yes View
E2974 Columbus Nebraska Set-up Acme Gridley The retool and setup and operation of Acme Screwmachines over 7 years experience. I have ran and setup both 6 and 8 spindle machines from 1 1/4to 2 5/8. I have ran up to 4 machines at one time during a shift Yes View
E6637 norwood Pennsylvania Set-up Wickman Performed setups on wickmans assigning operators daily duties company credit card and internet access for ordering tooling,parts and supplies for department. collaboration with techs and engineers on initial productions departmental lead for m Yes View
E5374 Montpelier Ohio Operator Davenport have operated acme-grindlys about 10 yrs. have done some limited set-ups,did maintenance on davenports as well about 6yrs Yes View
E6622 Wayne Michigan Set-up Davenport run , repair, and set-up Yes View
E1345 New Lenox Illinois Management Swiss/Tornos Making machine assignments for the primary and Secondary machining Department. Fillout yearly reviews. Councsil Employees in areas where needed. Keep records of Material needed to run Jobs. Order Material as needed. Yes View
E6277 HOMER Michigan Operator Acme Gridley SETUP/OPERATOR, LEADMAN NIGHT SHIFT Yes View
E6616 Phoenix Arizona Set-up Davenport Set-up and operation of multi-spindle screw machines, job layout, tool design, train, trouble shoot, machine modifications, inventory management, skilled in fabrication, design, CNC experience, aerospace. Yes View
E6538 Berrien Springs Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Set up and trouble shooting. Yes View
E6610 Jackson Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley foreman at syncrounous mfg. set up operator and machine repair. Yes View
E6601 Casco Michigan Set-up Hydromat Almost all phases of the Hydromat machining industry. Depending on the machinery involved. Yes View
E6604 Muncie Indiana Set-up Acme Gridley I have been in the field 12 years and have a pation for all screw machines have set up and operated up to 6 Browne @ Sharpes at once depending on job detail set up and ran 2 Acme 6 spindles also familer with Acme 8 spindle, have been head set-up in A Yes View
E6280 Macomb Michigan Set-Up Schutte Almost all phases of the screw machine industry. Depending on the machinery involved. Yes View
E6598 Blind Kentucky Management Acme Gridley Self-motivated energetic professional talented at resolving issues with great results. Courteous in following safety regulations, policies, and procedures. Looking forward to working with companies in the manufacturing sectors. Yes View
E6586 Cleveland Ohio Management Citizen Production & supervision of employees in all departments and plants within the company. Supervised the night shift in manufacturing, bright dip and assembly. Trained personnel,engineered, programmed and set-up new jobs and proto-types parts. Yes View
E6592 Elyria Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up and Operate Acme 6&8 spindle,3 1/2,2 5/8, 1 5/8,1 1/4 No View
E6478 Blind North Carlolina Set-up Brown & Sharpe supervise & train employees. rebuild machines. preform estimates. troubleshoot mechanical & tooling problems. layout & make cams. write programs for cnc turning. set up machines & sharpen all tooling. fabricate tool holders. make carbide tooling. Inc Yes View
E4330 Sherwood Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley I haved always worked in a job shop atmosphere large & small orders, daily set-ups; skills range setup to trainer to lead person;supervisor : well rounded machine knowelege,capable of trouble shooting machines, layouts,tooling & process ! Yes View
E6577 Rego Park New York Design/Layout Acme Gridley Quotation, lay-outs, tool design, troubleshooting on multi-spindle screw machines. Yes View
E6574 Blind Ohio CNC Lathe Other Single Spindle C.N.C. Set-up / Operator - Set-up machines and operated for 7 years. Promoted to the toolroom as a Tool-Maker I made cuuting tools, Dies, Molds and Prototypes using C.N.C. Set-Up per blueprint specifications for 8years. No View
E6571 South Lyon Michigan Maintenance Davenport Operated Davenports for 7 yrs. performed total repairs, including ground up rebuilds including boring/banding developed inproved lubrication system 14yrs. also experiance in Acme repair, maintenance machining, welding fixture building, building gener Yes View
E4276 Fond du Lac Wisconsin Management Manufacturing Leader with over 25 years of managerial and technical experience and progressive responsibility in manufacturing. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access. Strong organizational and communication skills. Demonstrated performance in No View
E6556 Wolcott Connecticut Design/Layout Davenport Owner/ supervisor /layouts /quotes /setup /operate davenports Yes View
E6562 Blind California Set-up Acme Gridley set-up,operator,of Acme screw machine.experience in grind tooling and perform maintenance on machines , set-ups,Troubleshoot problems,layout experience,. I am currently looking for the opportunity to advance. Yes View
E943 holly Michigan Management Acme Gridley ACME = 1965 sinse have order all repair parts tool design setup repair as needed Yes View
E2638 Everett Washington Programmer Citizen Currently I program an SV-32 for prototyping while also being shift supervisor. Also program and run Cincinnati vertical mills and lathes using Mastercam X3. Yes View
E6502 GLEN BURNIE Maryland Maintenance Acme Gridley I have 6 months of training classes on, Fixing repairing Acme Gridly multi-spindle both 6 & 8 spindle machine,pumps,drive shaft,clutches,pusher tubes, indexing promables. Every thing excapt eletric Yes View
E6532 Elmira New York Operator Acme Gridley Ran Acmes 6&8 spindle macines; 9/16 - 1 1/4 - 1 5/8 - 2 5/8 - up to 4 inch/4 spindles. Did some set-up time. Have machine repair experience on most machinery including screw machines and plant maintainance. 30 years experience. Yes View
E6535 mooresville North Carlolina Set-up Citizen setup/oper various machines,including okuma,mauris,miyano,tsugami,hitachi.etc....... Yes View
E6523 Spanish Fork Utah Programmer Swiss/Tornos Set-up of Tornos-Bechler Swiss screw machines. Ground my own turing tools. Supervision of operator working under me. No View
E6511 CHICAGO Illinois Set-up Schutte measurements of parts, putting two ton parts in and out of machine, keepng work area clean. Yes View
E6442 Florence Mississippi Set-up Davenport Have set up and operated all machines listed above as well as drill presses.Also some experience on vertical milling machines and manual lathes. Yes View
E6469 McMinnville Tennessee Set-up Davenport 8 years experience on davenports (set-up and operate) 6 years brown & sharpe (set-up and operate) Yes View
E6463 Kyle Texas Set-up New Britain set up six spindle new britain model 51 52 61 62 60. cordinate machining team using value stream principals Yes View
E6457 Central Square New York Operator Acme Gridley I did minor set ups and tool chances on the 6 spindle Acmes. I stocked up the machine with 12 foot stock, I made sure the machines where running correctly and they were well oiled. I did high produce on parts also Yes View
E6460 carmichael California Operator Brown & Sharpe loaded screw machines with bars ran alluminum stainless stell brass etc Yes View
E6421 Blind Illinois Set-up New Britian Set-up, operate and maintain New Britain and SNM multi-spindle automatics. No View
E6451 Urbana Ohio Operator New Britain Produce parts from blue prints, maintaining quality, changing tools Yes View
E5902 North Adams Michigan Operator Acme Gridley run and maintain acme six spindle. Grind and adjust tools. Perform any quility checks. Yes View
E5641 winnebago Illinois Set-up Brown & Sharpe set up and operate browne and sharpe screw machines, set up and run davenport screw machines. troubleshoot both also. Yes View
E4561 Rockford Illinois Set-up Acme Gridley run form tools , drills ,and knurls do most repairs to 2 3/8 machines. Yes View
E5038 Blind Pennsylvania Set-Up Acme Gridley 20+ years setting up and operating Acme Gridleys Yes View
E5527 roundlake Illinois Operator Swiss/Tornos Make parts to print.Maintain a constant production rate on 4 to 5 swiss turn machines. No View
E6424 Lorain Ohio Operator Acme Gridley operated two 8-spindle acme machines, maintained tooling, done change-overs, learning set-ups Yes View
E6373 bryan Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley setup and operate acme bar machines No View
E6367 pembroke Massachusetts Management Brown & Sharpe I have been runnig a screw machine department consisting of 11 brown and sharpes 6 with servocams 6 daveports 5 euroturns 2 robo drills 1 buffoli transfer machine 3 cnc kias 1 cnc hardinge conquest plus 2 chip spinners 1 bowden parts washer. I also h Yes View
E6361 Anderson Indiana Set-Up Acme Gridley operate & maintain automatics to customer prints&sketches. Make quality checks and chart into SPC.Maintain a clean and safe work enviorment.Other delegated duties from the dept.coordinator. Yes View
E1468 Westborough Massachusetts Set-Up Acme Gridley Managed a multi-spindle department. Primarily set-up and operation. Occasionally layouts, estimating, ordering, tool and product line design, inventory levels, major repairs, quality control, SPC, and incoming inspection. No View
E3286 west chicago Illinois Set-up New Britian setup and operate.check parts and also record spc onto computer.sharpen tools as needed.keep area clean for next shift No View
E6334 Simpsonville South Carolina Progammer Citizen In the last 20 years I have worked for the the same company. From operator and chip spinner to set-up and lead man to vice president and president. No View
E6328 Bishopville South Carolina Maintenance Acme Gridley Set-up and Maintenance of 1 1/4 to 3 1/2 Acme screw machines Yes View
E6325 Blind North Carlolina Set-up Acme Gridley Acme setup, repair and trouble-shooting No View
E6307 Flint Michigan Set-up Hydromat changed collets,cams,and gears. Set tooling used dove tail,circular,recess,ground own drills,free hand as well as used darex grinders,used air trip tap units,and machinical,pick offs air and non air,read blue prints to do set ups.used winter thread h Yes View
E6304 Trevor Wisconsin Management Davenport All things concernig the opperations of multi spindles. I Have traveled to Mexico to run a new company we have started there as a trouble shooter. Yes View
E6289 Blind California Set-up Davenport Setup/oper. two Davenports, troubleshoot, maintain, repair. Yes View
E6292 Sunset South Carolina Set-up New Britian Setup and operate New Britain Screw machines modles 51,52, and 62. Yes View
E5620 Fortworth Texas Set-up Brown & Sharpe Setup,and operate Brown And Sharpe Screw Machines.I curently operate acme grenle, and conomatic screw machines No View
E2569 Eldora Iowa Set-up Acme Gridley As primary machining supervisor my duties include meeting production demands according to schedule and customer need efficiently and safely with high quality, helping to trouble shoot machining problems, training machinists, and various other duties Yes View
E6253 Machesney Park Illinois Set-up Wickman operator,training,tool design and lead man No View
E6235 phoenix Arizona Set-up Swiss/Tornos Set-up and oporate Yes View
E6247 kirkville New York Operator Davenport stock and maintain davenpots . run 3 machines all the time ,adjust machines to adhere to the print, change form ,shave tools and adjust to print change drills,reamrs ,recess thread rolls and chasers fordie heads have done some set up work have a cer Yes View
E6241 Chicago Illinois Set-up Brown & Sharpe set and operate brown and sharpe No View
E6229 Enon Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up operate, maintain Acme Gridley and Euroturn bar machines No View
E6226 St. Louis Missouri Operator Citizen Running of and set up (not programming) of Various CNC milling and lathes. I perform all needed checks as per customer requirements(tolerances). While producing parts I make all needed numerical adjustments and tool sharpening and or replacement. No View
E6214 Wilmington North Carlolina Management Citizen General plant managment, Product Engineering, Department leadman, previous owner, operator in production machining business. Public relations, quoting & job cost, set up, operating, and repair of a vast amount of manufacturing equipment. Yes View
E6208 Chicago Heights Illinois Set-up Brown & Sharpe Set up Brown and Sharpe 2G, OG. OOG, Circular, box, and cutoff tool sharpening. Progtram operation of Emco CNC lathe, vertical mill. Yes View
E6199 Sturgeon Lake Minnesota Set-up Acme Gridley set-up and opperate make step drills sharpen taps and dove tools Yes View
E6184 Mastic Beach New York Programmer Citizen From blueprint, I set up,programmed, and operated the job from beginning to the next op., otherwise I modified existing programs to run more efficiently. Deburred parts if necessary while the 2 multi axis Tsugami swiss style turning centers were runn Yes View
E6178 Hopkins Michigan Set-up Davenport setup,operation and maintenance of Davenport screwmachines. No View
E6154 Red Lion Pennsylvania Set-up Acme Gridley I am familiar with Acme 6 and 8 spindle machines. I have set up and operated them since 2003. I have experience with Winter thread rollers, and some milling attachments. I have machined various types of brass, steel, aluminum, and nylon. Yes View
E6157 wyoming New York Set-up Davenport 23 years exp. operation &set up of davenport screw machine&basic repair. Yes View
E3595 Mentor Ohio Set-Up Gildemiester As is noted in my resume I have done everything from pulling chips to managment. Yes View
E6130 Seymour Connecticut Set-up Brown & Sharpe Currently Supervisor B&S Dept.Previously Lead-man Setup opperator. Instructor/lead-man. Servo programer Yes View
E6112 Morenci Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Machine repair, Troubleshoot problems,Setup operator,Worked with taps, adjusting cluthes,worked with a variety of diffrent tooling such as tool steel, Carbide tooling and inserts.Diffrent types of thread rollers,solvo,winter and detroit heads. I grin Yes View
E4978 San Bernardino California Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up operate Acme Screw machines, layout jobs, order tooling, maintain SPC charts, help operators with Tooling adjustments. Yes View
E6106 Elizabethton Tennessee Set-up Brown & Sharpe Set up and operate all types of B&S screw machines for Alemite llc for 26 years Yes View
E6091 Calumet Michigan Set-up Davenport Tool making, set-up, operate, repair, troubleshooting, quoting. Yes View
E6088 Lancaster California Management Brown & Sharpe Estimating, Sales , Purchasing, Methods Engineering, Expediting, All management functions Yes View
E6082 warren Michigan Acme Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up and Operate 6 and 8 spindle screw machines ranging from 9/16 to 2 5/8. SPC charting, read blue prints, and fill lay out sheets. Trouble shooting, maintenance and minor repair. Yes View
E6046 Terryville Connecticut Set-up Davenport Set-up, operate and perform Statistical Process Control entry and maintenance. Perform maintenance and repair on machines. Troubleshoot problems with various jobs. Training of operators. Yes View
E1855 Otsego Michigan Management Hydromat Screw machine setup and operator, Leadman over screwmachine department, Supervisor over all Maintenance and manufacturing departments including Kingsbury, Hydromat,Riello,CNC,Davenport and acme multi spindle screw machines.I have lead up to as many a Yes View
E2191 Kalkaska Michigan Maintenance Acme Gridley 15 years operate and machine repair on acme, new britan chuckers, Reed thread rollers, broches and centerless grinders, , Mig & arc welding, also 8 years machine repair on National cold headers. trouble shoot machines, and electrical Yes View
E6037 Holland Michigan Management Davenport I have worked in the screw machine industry my whole life, and done everything, from layout of new jobs, machine repair and maitenace,to setup and operating of machines. I was in business for myself for 7 years from 1998 to 2005, I did everything fro Yes View
E6001 Long Beach California Set-up Davenport Have set-up and operated Davenports for 25 yrs. I have else train new operators, done minor repairs. Yes View
E5977 Blind Pennsylvania Set-up Acme Gridley set up, Yes View
E5953 Bristol Connecticut Set-Up Davenport Anything Davenport,Acme,New Britian Yes View
E5947 Lorain Ohio Set-up New Britian Set up and maintain Acme screw machines from 9/16" to 2 5/8" Trouble shoot and assit other Yes View
E5938 Bethlehem Pennsylvania Set-up New Britian set up and run Acme& Newbritan trouble shoot for 14 years Yes View
E5920 Dillsboro Indiana Operator Acme Gridley I have experience with operating Acme 6 spindle automatics. Responsibilities included quality control, tooling changes, tooling adjustments, basic machine repair, and maintenance. Yes View
E5908 Horsham Pennsylvania Set-up New Britian Setting and operating 7/16" Acme and 1" New Brittan multi-spindles screw machine. Also just being trained to operate Fadal, Chiron... milling cnc Yes View
E5896 newberry Florida Set-up Davenport set up and run davenports repair some rebuild No View
E5512 thomaston Connecticut Maintenance Acme Gridley Repair, rebuild, setup, troubleshoot New Britian Gridley screw machines. Supervisor/lineman Yes View
E5179 Jerome Michigan Set-Up Acme Gridley - Operate machine - Inspect parts - Fix basic issues with machine (cams falling off, replacing shoes, etc) - Collet/pusher change overs - Tool grinding Yes View
E5257 Hampton Virginia Set-up Davenport I trained initially on Davenports but also became proficient with six spindle acmes as well. We did our own set-ups from sheets provided by engineering. We also did most of our own maintenance. I ran up to three machines at a time with excellent qual Yes View
E982 Carmel Indiana Management Acme Gridley I worked as a machine operator/set-up man in a 52 machine shop for 14 years. In that time, I was Secondary Leader, Q.C. Director, S.P.C. Coordinator, and Shop Foreman. No View
E5866 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Operator Brown & Sharpe Set-up/operate machines for close tolerance work No View
E5389 Blind Pennsylvania Programmer Citizen Set-up and operation of cnc swiss turn lathes and cnc vertical mills.Prove out of new programs as well as complete inspection of parts during production.Trouble shooting as necessary. Yes View
E2833 Seatle Washington Operator Acme Gridley Greelee set-up operator sharping tooling adjusting tolerance,checking with mic,cliper,showgraph. Acme set-up operator sharping toolingadjusting tolerance checking parts with mic, clipers. CNClathemill operator set-up, edit, programs, offset Yes View
E5008 Fortville Indiana Management Brown & Sharpe Supplying quotes to customers, receiving and scheduling orders for production, purchasing raw materials and machine parts, we well as all production and maintenance supplies. Oversaw production on over fifty Browne and Sharpe and Acme Gridley screw No View
E5275 cedar lake Indiana Set-up Brown & Sharpe teach and train set-up and operate on browne and sharpe screw machines. Yes View
E5833 Blind Ohio Management Acme Gridley currently production supervisor of small to medium Acme screw machine shop with 20 employees. Perform all tool design to be purchased and make tooling when needed. I do all maintenance and trouble shooting. Yes View
E5830 Aubrey Texas Set-up Hydromat Perform set ups acme and hydrmat machines taking part from bar stock to finished part changing cams, gears, tooling and attachments as needed. Yes View
E5827 Wauconda Illinois Set-up Brown & Sharpe Set-up Lay-out Burnishing Tool design Reed Thread rolls Management exp. Repair Fly Milling Acme Threading Troubleshoot Die Heads Long shaft word Yes View
E5815 Osseo Michigan Operator Swiss/Tornos My duties included but not limited to operating and maintaining BS20, SAS16, and Index Screw machines on a highly precision basis. I have also operated CNC equipment that had robots working with the machines. No View
E5806 boyertown Pennsylvania Operator Acme Gridley for last 8 yrs. have done operater, set-up, and basic repairs on acme multi spindles. have done tool sharping and all aspects ot keep machines running on third shift with little to none supervision. Yes View
E4723 Spring City Tennessee Programmer Star program/set-up/operate Yes View
E5800 oklahoma Oklahoma Set-up Davenport Set-up & operate machines to produce good quality parts within specific tolerances. Check fluids & perform maintanence on machines to keep them in top running condition. Yes View
E5794 Cramerton North Carlolina Operator Davenport i have ran davenports, warner swasey, have done some set-ups on davenports. read prints,mics,calipters,ect. Yes View
E5788 massillon Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley set-up operate and repair multy spindle screw machines. and use of all suporting equipment. Yes View
E5776 Running Springs California Management Davenport Multi screw machine operator and set up man specializing in Davenports for 32 years. Owned Davenport machine shop for 9 years. Currently employed by Mag lite in Ontario Ca. Duties: Maintain maintenance on all machines. Trouble shoot. Lead man and Yes View
E4510 Caddo Mills Texas Set-up Brown & Sharpe Supervision of 18-25 employees in a high production job shop. Acme, Davenport, Wickman, B&S, MSO. No View
E2461 Clarence Iowa Set-Up Davenport 10 years of experience on seting up multi-spindle Davenports. 12 years experience running Davenport multi-spindle. Experience in setting up and running Acme multi-spindles also. Experience in setting up and running CNC Lathes. Yes View
E5767 Blind Michigan Set-up Brown & Sharpe Oversee all aspects of production for screw machine dept. insure quality ontime del. assure all aspects of I.S.O. are followed including but not limited to continues improvment, qualitl control Yes View
E5764 geneva New York Set-up Wickman At my present job my duties include setting up and operating machines,supervising other employees as well as their products,maintaining machines,interviewing and training new employees. Yes View
E5752 Blind Illinois Design/Layout Brown & Sharpe i know how to solve my problems quickly,and help other workers solving their problems too. Yes View
E4375 vass North Carlolina Acme Set-Up Acme Gridley engineering / management lead continuous improvement process capabilities (shop floor based) team building / cost reduction to enhance total process capabilities. Yes View
E5650 Blind Michigan Design/Layout Acme Gridley Set-Up, Repair, Trouble-Shoot, Layout Jobs, Have Rebuilt 3- 9/16", 3-1", and 2-1 1/4" RA 6 Machines Yes View
E5734 Blind New York Management Davenport Responsible for P & L. Budgets, Costing, Purchasing, Training. Set up and managed screw machine shop in the far east for 22 years. Yes View
E5713 Duncanville Texas Operator Davenport operator set-up devanport No View
E5710 Glendale Heights Illinois Set-up New Britian set up and operate new britian screw machines;perform all quality procedures and complete all related paperwork or computer inputs. Yes View
E1549 Hoosick Falls New York Set-up Brown & Sharpe Set-up and operate one or more Davenport screw machines., Set-up and operate one or more Browne and Sharpe screw machines. Machining of Teflon,delrin,rulon ect.CNC milling and CNC lathes, Maintenence mechanic for machine shop. Yes View
E4939 Leslie Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley check tooling qty's, set-up acme screw machines, grind tooling , work with other employee's to fix and repair machines. Yes View
E5680 Blind Illinois Maintenance Brown & Sharpe Went from operator to set-up man to lead man in ten years. Also have done some thread rolling. I am now in maintenance/set-up and love the challenge of doing new things all the time. I have begun learning the engineering process and have done some la Yes View
E1009 Victorville California Set-up Davenport Setting,Maintenance,training and Laying out various screw machines over a period of thirty years. Yes View
E5623 Santa Ana California Set-up Davenport Davenport Servo Set Up Operator Bars Loader Automatic Yes View
E5161 Twin Falls Idaho Management Swiss/Tornos When I had started out in the trade. I had started out as an inspector on Swiss Esco's and made set-up in 6 months for Cinch Man. in Chicago. I have been in management for 15 years for being a lead to owning a shop. Yes View
E5611 Lansing Michigan Operator Acme Gridley I ran eight spindle 1 5/8 conomatic, and acme gridley for over one year. I have three years experience with index machines, cnc lathe and cnc mills. I am skilled with tool grinding. I am familiar with setup procedures for previously mentioned. Yes View
E5608 Blind Iowa Operator New Britian I am a tube laser tech night shift supervisor. My responsibilities are to set up, and fix programs on CNC Mazak and Fanuc CNC. Laser cutters, editing "G" codes codes. "M" codes. Also have to work with optics (laser lenses and mirror) to make Yes View
E5119 Inkster Michigan Operator Acme Gridley SPC.Maintain set-up on two machines. Yes View
E5569 Blind Michigan Set-up Davenport set-up,repair and operate,both acmes and davenports Yes View
E5548 Westport Massachusetts Set-up Eubama Set-up and operation of Eubama No View
E5530 Parma Heights Ohio Set-up Schutte Set-up, Trouble Shoot, Retool, Repair, Operate Multi-Spindle Bar Machines. No View
E5524 Blind Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Acme setup and operator with 10 years experience Yes View
E5521 berea Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley class 1a setup operator Acme Gridleys No View
E5503 Blind Michigan Design/Layout Davenport davenport dept' foreman Yes View
E3832 Beaumont California Set-up Davenport setup & operatedavenports hole dimensions to blueprint,frist inspection,troubleshootand some maintenance. Yes View
E5482 Chicago Illinois Set-up Brown & Sharpe Set-up operate and maintenance of 0G, 00G, #2G Brown & Sharpe from Layout and blueprint. No View
E2809 Dearborn Heights Michigan Set-Up Acme Gridley grinding tools,setting up, running and performing all required duties on new britain or acme gridley machines. Yes View
E5473 Elkhorn Wisconsin Quality Davenport My title was QA manager,but my duties included everthing to keep the company running. Yes View
E4957 Mt.Ulla North Carlolina Set-up Acme Gridley Set up operator,shave tools,wintertheardrolls,recess tools,basic tooling taping,crossdrilling.ect... Yes View
E5467 sauk village Illinois Set-up Davenport currently set up operator/ all tool grinding/ including drills form tools shave tools high speed steel tooling and carbide tooling Yes View
E5455 Chicago Illinois Operator Brown & Sharpe Completed Machine Operator training. Trained in the use of Brown & Shapre machine, cutoff, circular and dovetail form tools, as well as drills, box, knee and recess tools. As well as a final set up with die head. Yes View
E5440 Elmwood pk. Illinois Management Acme Gridley 15 years supervise acme dept. & troubleshoot on line problems, do layouts and advise on tool designs, also perform some maint. on machines, worked on 5S,setup reduction, team concepts. No View
E5452 martinsville Indiana Set-up Acme Gridley 20 years experiance operating and setup No View
E5248 Albion Michigan Operator Acme Gridley Operated Acme and New Britain Screw Machines. Including installation of tooling, tool grinding, machine and tool adjustment. Troubleshooting of machining problems. Yes View
E5434 Eastlake Ohio Set-up Brown & Sharpe Set-up& operate Brown & Sharpe Single spindle machines. No View
E5395 Chicago Illinois Operator Brown & Sharpe reading blueprints setting up machines. No View
E5425 Rancho Cucamonga California Management Acme Gridley Production Manager, Foreman responsible for operation of screw machine departments for over 25 years. Most Engineering duties such as Esimating, doing layouts for Acme, drawing up tooling. I also do the tracking of production, scheduling, hiring and Yes View
E5422 Blind Connecticut Management Davenport Set up experience with Davenport & B & S. Some experience with tool design and job layout. Have ordered tooling, material, general shop supplies, hired employees, terminated, rewarded, and disciplined employees as well. Have also done employee review No View
E3271 Blind Illinois Set-up Acme Gridley Responsible for setup and operation of 8 spindle multiples. Read blueprints to produce parts and use precision measuring equipment to keep within tolerances. Yes View
E5419 thomasville North Carlolina Programmer Buffoli Run 6 spindle acmes, (production only), and Buffoli transfer cnc machines, (set-up, program) Run production, change tooling, and hold proper tolerences on all parts. Train new employees, and enforce proper saftey procedures. Yes View
E5146 Kimball Michigan Management Acme Gridley Operate, set up and service machines. Supervision. Scheduling. Machine repair. Yes View
E5404 Levittown Pennsylvania Management Brown & Sharpe Responsible for the operation of a 10 man machine shop. Duties include; customer relation, prospecting new customers, hiring and training of personnel, quoting new work, outsourcing processes, purchasing required materials and tooling, product Yes View
E5407 Blind Pennsylvania Programmer Citizen Program, troubleshoot, process, routings, SPC, assembly, Laser Welding, Laser Etching, secondary processes, inspection. No View
E5386 jackson Tennessee Set-Up Glidemeister set up / run production/ maintain machine/ layout new jobs /check and maintain quality Yes View
E4783 Eaton Ohio Set-up Acme Gridley operate and set-up multi-spindle Acme-Gridley screw machines. Have also filled-in as a Lead person. Yes View
E5368 Blind Ohio Set-up Davenport setup, maintance, operator, repair, supervision Yes View
E5329 warren Michigan Set-up Davenport i've done set-ups and operate up to 3 machines for almost 16 years 13 1/2 with one company. also trained others how to operate davenports.also have run new britains and acmes.i'm also familiar with iso standards Yes View
E5365 Palm Coast Florida Set-Up Brown & Sharpe Objective To obtain a career opportunity that will contribute to an organizations success through the use of my skills. Qualifications Able to work independently, as well as a team player, shop f No View
E4762 HATFIELD Pennsylvania Set-up Acme Gridley I do set-up/run both Acme and New Britain screw machines. I also trouble shoot problem in the machines set-up and train new operators. Yes View
E5347 Blind Wisconsin Design/Layout Conomatic set-up,repair,rebuild,schedule,supervise automatic dept. Yes View
E5332 ny. New York Set-up Swiss/Tornos producs and maiting cualaty,efichesi. Yes View
E5326 Blind Illinois Engineering Citizen Estimating and process planning for Swiss CNC and CNC lathes, CNC turning and machining centers, CNC chucking lathes, B&S and index cam operated machines, conventional milling and drilling machines, centerless in-feed and thru-feed grinders, and othe No View
E5209 Farmington HIlls Michigan Set-Up Acme Gridley make all screw machine tooling, any machine repair parts,all secondary tooling, fixtures and gages. Special engineering projects, when needed Yes View
E5263 Hamilton Michigan Management Davenport Professional Background Corlett Turner (2005 - Present) Screw Machinist - Second Shift * Maintained full responsibility for machine setup and maintenance. * Spearheaded quality assurance initiatives. * Supervised and mentored staff on a regular Yes View
E5254 Gasport New York Set-up Acme Gridley able to read blueprints and have the ability to use precision gauging equiptment to include,but not limitued to,micrometers,calipers,depth gauges and height guages.with minimum instruction,operate all single and multi spindle screw machines.replace d No View
E2188 Mc Cormick South Carolina Engineering Acme Gridley Plant manager, Process Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Job Shop, Acmes, Davenports, Greenlees. Quoting of new product, Screw machine layouts and tool design, manager of 30 employees, CAD Drawings, Order tooling & equipment. Oversee all aspects of p Yes View
E5242 Corona California Management Davenport I am working as a leadman but i take care of all the department needs scheduling to approval of vacations for both 1st and 2nd shift.Help design tools to get job easier to set up and make lay outs.Conduct safety training.Make job kits. Yes View
E5239 owasso Oklahoma Set-Up Brown & Sharpe set up B&S OO,OG,2G and ultramatic no 2!s and run and maintain Yes View
E5236 Blind Ohio Management Davenport job estimating,interviewing,purchasing,P&L responsibilities,personnel issues,equipment selection & development,production responsibilities ect.ect. No View
E5212 Blind California Management Brown & Sharpe Management,setup,engineering,QS9000,served on management team for continuous improvement,trouble shooting. Yes View
E5215 seabrook Texas Set-up Acme Gridley been set up person for 8 yrs, operated for 11yrs, been supervisor for the last 3 yrs, Yes View
E5188 Marshall Michigan Set-up Hydromat Maintenance of all three machines, Set-up of tool heads and Set-up and operate. Yes View
E4609 newnan Georgia Operator Davenport I normally am in charge of 4 machines.Performing load and check,setup and tool grinding/replace and all maintenance. Yes View
E5176 newnan Georgia Operator Escomatic oversee production job layouts repair and rebuild davenport Yes View
E5167 Kansas City Kansas Management Citizen I started as a Machinist in 1992 in a Pipe Fabrication shop running manual lathes, mills, threaders, large drill presses and welding. Later becoming the shop supervisor, overseeing all aspects and responsibilities of the business. I then moved on to Yes View
E5158 Blind Ohio Set-Up Greenlee lead man over six machines & two operators. set-up,operate,machine maintenance(replace spindle bearings,remove&replace threading and drive clutch). Yes View
E5140 Blind Kansas Set-up Swiss/Tornos program, setup, operate Yes View
E5068 Roseville Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Operate and maintain two multi spindle screw machines.Change over or set up when necessary and to keep tooling maintained to insure quality work in a timely manner. No View
E4690 Dixon Illinois Set-up Citizen setting up and running cnc's make need adjustments to machines, checking parts with precision measuring tools, leading operators, sharpening tooling No View
E5050 Blind Ohio Set-up Davenport set-up davenports No View
E4105 Wichita Kansas Design/Layout Davenport Design tooling And Grind Them Yes View
E5002 Blind Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley Yes View
E4996 cheektowaga New York Set-up Acme Gridley setup maintainence and tool care on machines listed. inspection and quality control(spc) Yes View
E1171 Santee California Engineering Citizen Currently minor machine repairs (mechanical). Develope new jobs. Trouble shoot the operators problems and train to repair and or repair said problems. Yes View
E4624 Blind Pennsylvania Programmer Citizen Program, setup and operate cnc lathes and screw machines. Yes View
E346 Blind Michigan Management Acme Gridley Supervision, Enginering, Setup & Repair No View
E4990 Blind Ohio Set-up Brown & Sharpe Leadman of screwmachine department.Acme operator,Brown&Sharpe setup operator No View
E4843 Loves Park Illinois Set-up Brown & Sharpe s/u and operated manual lathes,drills,mills,screw machines,cnc and nc machines.checked own work,worked off of blueprints.I also was in charge of production and a good leader Yes View
E4963 Bradenton Florida Set-up Citizen Set-up and operate Swiss style CNC, Mori Seiki CNC lathes, Mazak lathes Yes View
E4936 Laporte Indiana Set-up Acme Gridley Set-up and operate Acme and Greenlee multi-spindles. Am most familiar with 8-spindle Acme, 2 5/8" and 1 5/8" machines. Gear selection, cam selection, setting and adjusting dovetail form tools, cut-off tools, shave tools, drills, reamers, recessing to Yes View
E4912 Ellwood Pennsylvania Set-up Acme Gridley Make complete layouts tool desighn Supervisor set up operate Complete repairs tool grinding all tools 40 years experince No View
E4900 Orland Hills Illinois Set-up Warner Swasey set up operator No View
E4891 richmond Indiana Set-up Acme Gridley set up, operation, guaging of pieces, acme-gridley multi-spindle machines Yes View
E3214 Wellington Ohio Management Acme Gridley I have estimated and setup and run Acme Gridley six,and eight spindles, Brown & Sharps, New Britians,Conomatics and Hydromats.I have worked in inspection as an inspector and the calibration of gages. Yes View
E4132 Davenport Iowa Operator Brown & Sharpe inspect &set-up screw machines Yes View
E883 Peoria Arizona Set-up Davenport Set-up and operate Modle "B" Davenport screwmachines. Trouble-shoot machines, set-ups, and layouts. Sometimes perform leadman duties. Have 24 yrs experience. Last 19 with same company. Approx. 1yr.,on Acme Gridley's. Yes View
E3958 Tarentum Pennsylvania Set-up Euroturn set-up,operate euroturn 6-42. operate acme 6,8 spindle Yes View
E4006 Beaver Dam Wisconsin Management Other Muli Spindle Danly IEM 2000 2004 Beaver Dam, Wisconsin Manufacturer of pins, bushings, and springs for the tool and die industry. Operations Manager Full P&L responsible for entire facility of 94 union employees. Direct reports include manufac No View
E4618 marinette Wisconsin Operator Acme Gridley training completed on set-up of acme and wickman multi-spindle machines. followed a comprehensive quality plan. completed six sigma green belt training. set-up and adjusted my own langolff, empire, liberty, and shlitter tool holders Yes View
E4825 fayetteville North Carlolina Operator Acme Gridley As a Screw Machine Operator. I operated 2-3 machines at a time. I also ensured that my machine as well as the machines throughout the department was working accurately at all times, training others to operate their machines and was available to ans Yes View
E4813 roseville Michigan Operator Davenport I have set-up and operated davenport screw machines for 8 years.I can maintain them and read the blueprints and keep parts to specs. Yes View
E4810 Blind Illinois Engineering New Britian Schedule production staff for first and second shift. Train, troubleshoot and oversee design of new tooling. Sole programmer of Wickman 6-44. Yes View
E4807 Zephyrhills Florida Set-up Hydromat Hydromat maintenance troubleshooting, operations and gauging. 18 years experience with hb25,35,45 machines with recessing, treading, inverting and transfer units, single and double indexing, magazine and bar feed loading. Yes View
E3910 Blind Ohio Set-up Brown & Sharpe I`ve worked in a machine shop for the past 29yrs.of my life and obtained a valuable skill with years of learning experience.I`ve learned to cope with job stress at times,and have contributed team efforts to accomplish any job set before my peers and No View
E4780 Covina California Set-up Acme Gridley set-up,operate and repair of acme ,operate davenport screw machine,inspect products,sharpen tooling Yes View
E4774 Drexel Missouri Design/Layout Brown & Sharpe All Yes View
E4768 Escondido California Set-up Swiss/Tornos I have 15 solid years working with Cam machines and some CNC citizen experience. Custom carbide tool and drill making. Yes View
E4753 Horton Michigan Operator Acme Gridley Operate, set-up and troubleshoot of two Acme Gridley screw machines. Daily duties also include reading blue prints, operating a variety of tools and using instruments such as calipers and micrometers. Grinding of tools such as forms, shaves, taps an No View
E3220 Attleboro Massachusetts Set-up Acme Gridley Setup and oper. Acme, repair and rebuild spindle stop cluthces,Alot of trouble shooting etc.S.P.C. Yes View
E4702 Lowell Indiana Set-up Acme Gridley I have over 11 years experience of screwmachining, Ialso have had training in SPC and lay out and estimating. As far as work related experience I have set-up and run 9/16 6 spindle Acmes on up to 2-5/8 8 spindle Acmes I've also set-up and have run m Yes View
E4693 Edinboro Pennsylvania Set-up Acme Gridley Customized Loading & Unloading Rails & Chutes Setup All Crossslide & Endslide Tools Repair & Maintain Chuckers Replenish Tooling & Operation Of Chucker Yes View
E3184 Lansing Illinois Management Davenport Tool Recommendations, Hands on Davenport, Instituting Work Cells, First Shift Supervisor Yes View
E115 Dolgeville New York Management Acme Gridley I am currently Operations manager at a factory in upstate NY. I am responsible for 20 employees. My responsibilities are from door to door, including maintenance on the owners personal home.I have basic P&L responsibilities, improving mfg. processes Yes View
E4627 San Bernardino California Operator Acme Gridley Set-up operate acme bar machines, Layout jobs order tooling from vendors No View
E3235 LE ROY New York Operator Davenport familiar with setup and repair on Davenport. 6 months training on Acme Gridley, some setup. Very motivated. looking for a good team to work with. over 12 years experience. 2 weeks training on Wickman. Yes View
E4657 Thomasville North Carlolina Set-up Davenport Set-ups, operate davenports, change cams, rebuilds, rebuild anything the machine Yes View
E4549 Blind Rhode Island Set-up New Britian Setup and Repair all New Britain model 51 machines. Also, train new employees and troubleshoot problems. No View
E4540 Blind Indiana Design/Layout Brown & Sharpe Ihave set-up and made tooling and lay-out sheets and the cams for all sizes of browne&sharpe screwmachines except the # 4 No View
E4537 Salinas California Set-up Brown & Sharpe Machine set-up and operation. Yes View
E4471 Cleveland Ohio Set-Up Acme Gridley Have worked as Forman,Leadman,Inspector,set-up/oper,Hand screws Tool making & sharpening,Finding cams & tooling for pick up jobs,Machine repair (along with repair parts making) Starting programs to record set-ups to speed process Teaching other Yes View
E4489 Hollywood Florida Set-up Acme Gridley For the last 12 yrs I was a supervisor in the acme dept @ Pan American Metal. I did set-ups and repairs as well as supervise a dept w/ 43 machines. Yes View
E4483 North Tonawanda New York Set-up Brown & Sharpe I am profeceint with B&S. I am also capable of minor set up on 6 or 8 spindle Acme and Conomatics. In addition I am an adequate Davenport operator. I have experience with tool grinding, verticle mills, lathes, second ops, QC, SPC. Yes View
E3754 Ontario New York Set-up Swiss/Tornos run fix setup davenports,acmes,escomatics. Yes View
E4435 Blind Ohio Engineering Brown & Sharpe I have 28 years experience in the industry as an Engineer, setup & operate B&S, Dav, N.B. & Acme as well as wire EDM programming & CNC (OMNI TURN) experience Yes View
E4432 Blind Ohio Management Acme Gridley I am currently a Plant / Operations Manager and I am responsible for the day to day operation of the business. My resposibilities include plant safety, maintaining and creating company policies along with P&L accountability. All department supervisor Yes View
E4414 Tonawanda New York Set-up Davenport Operate and set-up Davenport, Acme and Conematics. Yes View
E4396 Blind Illinois Set-up Citizen Set up and operate multiple types of Swiss Machines, some programming No View
E4354 Moores Hill Indiana Management Euroturn Setup Man: Organize and approve setup sheets prior to setups; work with Engineering to modify setup sheets as needed before implementation, pull and carry out setups, responsible for department in supervisor's absence. Team Leader: Make machine as No View
E3229 Warwick Rhode Island Programmer Citizen over 25 years swiss experience. citizen,star, strohm, tornos.Cnc programing and set-up in current position.leadman CNC . program , setup citizen M-20, e-16 ,E 32 , Star RNC. Also single spindel swiss camm experience. Yes View
E4051 Blind Canada Set-up New Britian -Set up on OO,OG,2G, 2B 3/4", 2B Ultra, Brown & Sharp, as well as New Britain -Set up Second Operations -Set up on CVA 8, Brown & Sharp and second-op on single spindle Yes View
E4360 guadalajara, jaisco Mexico Operator Acme Gridley operate acme and new britain screw machines Yes View
E4288 South Gate California Acme Set-up Acme Gridley Trouble-shooting, General Leadman No View
E4279 Oxford Maine Set-up Swiss/Tornos Set-up/operate,program,buy parishable tooling,create tool layouts, Yes View
E2515 Waterbury Connecticut Set-up Brown & Sharpe Set up and operate my own line of machines. Responsible for inspection and quality. Responsible for daily and weekly machine maintenece. Yes View
E4189 Lebanon Ohio Set-up Davenport Maintain six and eight spindle Acme screw machines. After eight years I was reduced out of the screw machine department. All operators where sent to assembly or machine lines. I was sent to machine line where I was a operator on Enshu & Murata C.N.C No View
E4183 winston salem North Carlolina Maintenance Davenport i do work orders on machine when they mess up and work on repairs. Yes View
E4117 Aurora Illinois Set-up Davenport Operate, set-up, troubleshooting, and retool machines. Assist with layouts. Prelube, warm-up machines, and housekeeping at the end of the day. Qualify production using part print and inspection procedures. No View
E4135 Bernardston Massachusetts Progammer Citizen Write programs when neccessary.Set-up/operate,editing, troubleshoot and train operators. No View
E1777 Blind Iowa Management Davenport I have 20+ years exp. in the screw machine industry. Mainly Davenport related (estimating, layouts, setup, repair,management, supervision) Also have done some cnc programming. Yes View
E4081 rochester New York Operator Davenport set up and operate davenports and servo davenports also several years experience with acmes and new britain Yes View
E3439 Bedias Texas Set-up Conomatic Set up and preformed first operation as near to completion as possible Yes View
E4042 Cleveland Ohio Programmer Citizen set-up, operate and program cnc machines Yes View
E4036 Gresham Oregon Set-up Brown & Sharpe setup and run parts to the customers prints also repair machines when needed. Yes View
E4030 Blind Indiana Set-up Davenport set-up of davenports, 3rd shift plant supervisor, machine repair, Yes View
E4021 Blind Texas Set-up New Britian leadman on new britain, set up, trained, maintained, problam salve, Yes View
E4012 Bushkill Pennsylvania Design/Layout Swiss/Tornos Foreman and Swiss set up man. Give out estimates and order materials. Making layouts and cams. No View
E3976 Blind New York Operator Citizen running various machines, ordering steel, distibuting jobs to the proper machines, unloading trucks and running the cranes and fork lifts Yes View
E3751 Arcade New York Operator Davenport Set-up and operate Davenport machines. I also trouble-shoot setups, do layouts and toolmaking. I am also able to train operators. I also have experience in the use of Browne & Sharpe and Acme machines. No View
E3943 Bridgeport New York Set-up Brown & Sharpe I set-up and reapaird and rebuilt Brown & Sharpe single spindle machines. I haveover 24 years experience. I also refurbished Geometric swingtool holders in the toolroom requiring use of grinders, lathes and mills. Yes View
E3940 saratoga California Set-up Star Set up & run STAR (SA 12) with five axess. Set up & run NOMURA (16 & 20) No View
E2509 Blind Illinois Set-up Brown & Sharpe 22 years exp. Was night foreman for 7 years. Am running b&s and Index at present. Yes View
E337 Blind Arizona Maintenance Acme Gridley ALL TYPES MACHINE REPAIR. TRAINING ,PRODUCTION CONTROL, Yes View
E2098 Louisville Kentucky Engineering Acme Gridley I am the machining engineer at my current company. My duties include the engineering af all new machining work awarded to facility. I design and do all tooling purchases as well as all machinery used in facility. Oversee the Set-up department and Yes View
E1540 Naugatuck. Connecticut Set-up Acme Gridley First piece set-up+ operate 3 machines. Inspect parts;grind tools. Yes View
E3808 Morton Grove Illinois Engineering Brown & Sharpe Setup and operate Brwn & sharp Screw Machines for 22 years.Program and setup CNC Lathes. Setup CNC Mills ( 4 years experience on CNC Machines) Yes View
E2122 Chesapeake Virginia Operator Davenport setup,operate and maintain 2 machines.troubleshooting and changeing tools when needed.use various spc charts to control the new employees in the use and safety of machinary. Yes View
E3805 Blind New York Design/Layout Davenport Main duty Mfg. Engineer in a screw machine house. All aspects of estimating. Job layout, including: tool design, pricing and procurement, set-up layout and inspection layout. Production scheduling. Customer Liaison. Management duties as required No View
E3799 Blind Washington Progammer Citizen Currently working in electronic hardware industry, responsible for programming when needed, set- up and production on Star model SR20 with Fanuc 18it control. When I worked on Acme's, I was a Team/ Project Leader in Screw machine Department, responsi Yes View
E3769 seymour Connecticut Management General Manager responsible for all aspects of operation, including production,safety,quality,and responsible for profit and loss. No View
E3757 Middleton New Hampshire Engineering Swiss/Tornos set-up/operator Yes View
E1879 Bradley Illinois Set-up Davenport Set up maintenance and fill in team leader, handling all requirements of a team leader. Worked with personnel in basic operation and maintenance of davenport screw machines. Worked with engineering on some tool design, placement and quality of tools Yes View
E3625 Syracuse New York Set-up Hydromat I have sharpend my own tools and drills in acmes and daveports. Yes View
E3676 Marinette Wisconsin Set-up Wickman Set up and operate multiple spindle screw machines. Inspect my own parts as well doing six and eight piece setup inspections for other operators. SPC charts on critical dimensions and the daily maintenance of my machines as well as ISO 9000 and 14001 Yes View
E3598 orange park Florida Set-up Brown & Sharpe i am a shift supervisor and i setup/operate/repair single and multi-spindle screwmachines and secondary equipment as well as train new operators. Yes View
E3487 glendale Arizona Operator Acme Gridley do set up get first articles make parts trouble shoot and help others if needed Yes View
E3316 Stanley New York Operator Davenport I've operated and maintained quality standards on up too 3davenports, using guages,mics.,verniers, comparitors,ect.I'am capable of grinding dove& circular form and shave tools.Also i've experience with different attachments including crossdrilling, t Yes View
E3238 VIOLA Tennessee Operator Acme Gridley ACME OPERATOR,SET-UP,REPAIR,TOOLMAKER No View
E3190 irwin Pennsylvania Operator Acme Gridley opr screw machines insp parts Yes View
E3172 Portsmouth Virginia Set-up Davenport Setup, operate, maintain Davenport and Acme screw machines. Monitor product for quality maintaining ISO-9000/ QS-9001 standards. Also involved in training of new operators. Yes View
E3154 Rockford Illinois Set-Up Acme Gridley Have over 25 years on Greenlee's and Acne's, also have worked on New Britains and Davenports. Yes View
E3145 santa ana California Set-up Brown & Sharpe repair of spindles cam layout Yes View
E2629 Natick Massachusetts Set-up Davenport Set-up and operate troubleshoot and train others Yes View
E3085 West Hartford Connecticut Design/Layout Davenport Been everything from operator to production control manager Yes View
E2587 Rochester New York Set-up Davenport 25 year employee at Davenport Machine Tool Company. Service and Set-up technician highly skilled in repair, Set-up, and operation on all of Davenport 's model line. Trained to return Davenport's Model-B and it's special attachments to original sp Yes View
E2731 Minneapolis Minnesota Set-up New Britian Set up and operation of screw machines. Maintianing tight tolerances and surface finish requirements. Working within ISO9000 standards. Working with engineers and tools makers to increase efficiency of setups by improving layouts. Yes View
E3028 pinevalley New York Set-up Davenport set up and operate davenport screw machines Yes View
E3025 hayden Idaho Set-up Citizen all non-managerial duties. Pride in selling good parts. Yes View
E1027 Brownsville Texas Engineering Brown & Sharpe For the past four years I have been involved with a company move to Mexico> I assisted in the transfer of machines training of personal. I am now working with the design engineer and senior engineer solving problems that arise from the transfer,remak Yes View
E2995 Fremont California Set-up Brown & Sharpe All processes from tooling to completion of secondary operations. Yes View
E2893 Fuquay-Varina North Carlolina Set-up Schutte 23 Years Experiance on Screwmachine German IHK Diploma for MULTISPINDLSETTER Mechanical Engineering Degree (Bechelor) Yes View
E2896 Blind New York Management Davenport I have not only worked in machining departments I have also worked as a Cost Accountant, Project Engineer, Supervisor, Manufacturing Engineer and Quality Manager. Yes View
E2857 Blind Maine Set-up Brown & Sharpe Have been lead man for 15 years. Have 22 years experience on B&S machines Yes View
E2842 La Verne California Programmer Citizen Yes View
E2815 West Haven Utah Engineering Brown & Sharpe January 1998 to Present - Senior Manufacturing Engineer for Parker Hannifin (Commercial Systems Division) 1425 West 2675 North, Ogden, Utah 84404 Duties and responsibilities include: a thorough knowledge of manufacturing and production engineering Yes View
E1498 Margate Florida Design/Layout Brown & Sharpe Managed & Controlled activities in Brown & Sharpe Dept. Layout,Estimating,Train Personnel,Troubleshoot,Rebuild Spindles,Repairs,Job cost & Time reduction Analysis,In charge of Production Schedule. Set-up CncB-12's. Safety Director for Company. Yes View
E1987 Timberlake North Carlolina Management Davenport Supervised maintenance dept. and special projects dept. for 30 years. Yes View
E2653 New Windsor New York Programmer Citizen Machine Installation „P Assist with uncrating and skidding of machines and putting machine in place at customer¡¦s facility, hook up power and air, fill oil in tanks „P Inventory machine components „P Install attachments and other ancillary equipm Yes View
E2617 Blind Arizona Set-up Davenport set up and operation of davenport, some machine repair, replace spindles, bushings, bearings, timing etc. set up and operate fanuc control turning and swiss Yes View
E2608 Blind Missouri Management Acme Gridley Manage a 50,000 square ft. machining facility and two plating and coating facilities.QS 9002 registration in March 2002. Yes View
E703 Blind Massachusetts Set-up Acme Gridley set-up acme 9/16 , 1 in. and 1 1/4 ...6 spindle , also 1 5/8, 8 spindle, can repair and do some lay- out...set-up , and trouble shoot davenport multi- spindle..worked with new britian 1-5/8.. 6 spindle working knowledge of qs,9000, and iso 9000 Yes View
E2536 Orlando Florida Engineering Acme Gridley supervisor of 200 person auto screw manh dept.mfg eng . chief process engineer. Yes View
E2473 Apple Valley California Set-up Davenport For the past 12 years, I have been responsible for the production of all parts in a shop with 7 Davenports and support equipment from lay-out & tool design to specific shipping requirements. I have managed all personnel in their duties to accomplish Yes View
E2464 Kalamazoo Michigan Set-up Acme Gridley I have been a screw machine set/up and maintain for the past 15 years Yes View
E2386 peoria Arizona Set-up Davenport i rebuild, do all matainance, set ups and all work on machines, i have layout capabilities. tool design. and tool grinding capabilities. grinding tap, setting reamers back drills etc. Yes View
E232 chesapeake Virginia Set-up Davenport skilled in the operation, setup and maintenance of a multispindle davenport.some expieriance in the operation of an acme gridley. expieriance in grinding of most tools. Yes View
E2311 Manitowoc, Wisconsin Maintenance New Britian See above, also prevenative maintainence. Yes View
E2248 Blind Wisconsin Set-Up Conomatic Experience with the lay-out and set-up of auto-screw machines.As department lead person,I moved forward to the concept of manufacturing cells,utilizing screw machines,CNC machining centers,and conventional machines to produce a wide variety of comple No View
E2257 Blind Pennsylvania Set-up Swiss/Tornos set-up and operate single spindle torno and peterman machines. can use calip, micro, and comperator to achive quality control for spc. barber colman machine were to produce gears. Yes View
E2242 blaine Minnesota Set-up Acme Gridley changeover, setup, troubleshoot, acme gridley screw machines Yes View
E2236 brunswick Ohio Set-up Swiss/Tornos Layout/set-up/operation Leadman No View
E2215 Blind Massachusetts Set-up Euroturn Working superviser or second shift overseeing set-up operations of Euroturn multispindles, Brown and Sharp single spindle, Kia CNC machines Yes View
E2209 Alex Oklahoma Operator Acme Gridley I operate a screwing machine, and make adjustments to it when necessary. Yes View
E2200 Maryland Height`s Missouri Set-up Davenport Setup and operate Davenport and Acme Gridley screw machine`s and lead person experience. Yes View
E2197 Enoree South Carolina Management Brown & Sharpe Choice tooling for specific operations Yes View
E2140 Greenwood Indiana Engineering Acme Gridley Owned a jobshop employing 35 people from 1975 until 1986. From 1986 till now I have been a consultant assisting automotive related industries bring new products online. I have done estimating, tool design, operator training, machine repair and machin Yes View
E2107 Blind Connecticut Set-up Brown & Sharpe Primary caretaker of 12 B&S screw machines, running mostly 1st Op. Some seconday setup; operate and reset 2 snow bowlfed auto tappers, rotary slotting mach, also 4 B&S secondarys when needed. No View